Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orchid Show - Post No. 2

My fellow bloggers, I am sure you also experience the intention to put a lot of photos in one post so as to convey more information at once. Maybe that is bloggermania, and i am becoming a bloggermaniaholic or bloggermaniac or bloggerholic. OMG, that is a long term and difficult to spell. Not contented yet with the plurality of photos in a mosaic, I uploaded a lot of mosaics in this post in finality. However, it is so heavy so discarded some of them.

This is the 2nd post of the last Orchid Show I visited, and requires another Post No. 3.

Clockwise L-R: Roof archs with oncidium blooms and catleya blooms on the floor; different fern species in another corner; Vanda species decorating native makeshift huts; Phalaenopsis exhibit below with Vanda above; rock garden
 with water feature.

Big metal (L) and cement (R) containers for Epidendrum and yellow Phalaenopsis

A beautiful water feature employing some Tillandsia species for their flowering accents

 Dendrobium flowers supported by  Asplenium nidus ferns and some palms. Those green mounds in front are ferns too. Bamboo poles of different lengths accented this design.

The brightly colored flowers are Ixora species, with Dendrobium orchid flowers

A full photo of the water feature already shown above. Bonsai, tillandsia and ferns are planted.

Most of you will agree that this is a nice important feature in that area. The structure is a big covered pot, which is a bit hidden behind some trees but still very conspicuous due to its shape and color. I conclude that this is a very visitor friendly structure. ...and you know what I mean! For the ladies out there, very friendly indeed!


  1. My dear Andrea, whatever name you call yourself I know you are my Blog Buddy and photos,photos,photos is what I like the most. Hehehehe...

  2. Andrea, I'm glad you left the last few photos alone. They are too beautiful to be squashed into a mosaic. I like those little landscapes. The ones in the first mosaic are very pretty.

  3. Fantastic photos Andrea, the displays are very impressive!!

    But I'm most impressed with that giant 'Arinola', hehe! :)

  4. Fascinating.I would love to visit a place like this.

  5. I like that they companion planted the orchids, even if it was just for show. I am glad you posted the bigger photos because the displays are so well done. I am amazed at the number of blooms per plant, even on your last post. That just does not happen in a home environment. The most I ever got was two stalks at a time, it is still pretty, yet I envy those with the best growing conditions.

  6. Very nice garden, I love it. Thank you.

  7. Well, I'm not sure what I love more... The great pics (that last one's a hoot) or the new vernacular!

    Fun stuff!!
    ~ from a fellow bloggermaniaholic

  8. It must be beautiful display with orchids of all varieties and colours Andrea. I prefer lots of beautiful photos in a garden blog but dont squeeze them into tiny mosaics, its such a waste not to be able to see them clearly.

  9. wow, wow, wow! Love all the photos you displayed. Yes, I love all the photos, all those orchids, ferns, broms display and design are just wonderful. Especially love the fourth one from the bottom, the colors of the brom and orchids compliment each other so beautifully, and the giant leaves of birds' nest fern add more texture into this design. Thanks for a great post!

    P.S. I agree with one of commenters. I would love the full picture even more instead of the mosaid since there are so much beaties to see to squeeze them into mosaic :)

  10. Looking at such beautiful pictures, gives me such inspiration! Ideas just seem to pop into my head. Wonderful show and I am glad you let us stroll with you :-)

  11. My Dear Bloggermaniaholic, (whew!)

    Autumn Belle - photos, photos, photos are really my preoccupation, so i want to show you all of them, haha!

    One - thanks for this comment, somehow, in my eagerness to show all of them, i forget which ones need to be shown in full.

    Mark and Gaz - i dont know who originated from my patch of earth, is it Mark or Gaz. Yes the giant 'arinola' is our secret. Only us know what that means. I said it's a pot!

    Ruth - I am sure they will be lovelier coming from your camera!

    Donna - orchids came from our environment, so they really love to be home. They just have been acclimatized for so long in your area, so they also thrive there, even if a bit forced.

    Sue - thanks for dropping by and the appreciation.

    Kate - haha, fun stuff really! I want everyone to be happy and smiling.

    p3chandan - wait for the next post, you will see them in full bloom, uncompresses in collages, haha!

    Ami - as i said to p3chandan, wait for the next post, they will come in full regalia.

    Skeeter - i am glad i visited your post, which prodded you to come here. At least you saw our orchid displays, and I appreciate your appreciation. LOL.

  12. Stunning, Andrea, and especially taken with the Dendrobium supported by Asplenium nidus ferns and palms. How lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I liked the Bonsai section Andrea and the collages are coming up well too. Great going....Lovely pictures!

  14. Cape Town is way south of malaria danger. But our mosquitoes have to battle dragonfly larvae in the water, frogs on land and above the water, then bats in the air. We have NO fish, this is a wildlife/frog pond.

    This bonsai water feature on your post, is a perfect miniature landscape.

  15. You are so lucky to have an orchid show like this to attend. I am really looking forward to going to the Philadelphia International Flower Show this Friday.

  16. Yes dragonfly larvae live for years in the water. And the choice is frogs or fish. Fish will devour most of the frogs. Sub-tropical Durban is 1,500 km north of us.

  17. Those red flowers are so beautiful. I think the 'pot' too cute. It's nice to see warmth. My husband told me this morning he is done with the cold and wishing to move to the Caribbean-lucky you to have warmth!

  18. They do say a photo speaks a thousand words...I personally like a lot of photos ;) Yours are beautiful and do a great job of allowing us to tour the show with you. I'm amazed at the variety of orchids...I've never grown them but do admire there immense diversity and beauty.

  19. Fantastic pictures Andrea! Now I know the real extent of what I didn't get to see.

    I know, I know, you can say it again, its my fault why I missed this event...LOL

    Since you sanitized the notorious 'arinola' to a harmless 'pot', what's cooking inside?

    I've updated my blog account so my e-mail is now accessible in the 'view my complete profile' page.

  20. Andrea, love the last shot. I think it almost trumps all the orchids. Very nice sense of humor you have.

    Three posts for "seems like I have gotten tired of looking at cattleyas"?! LOL! Admit that you still can't resist the beauty of orchids. How many GB will you need for your camera when a Hoya show comes around? ;-P

  21. Hi Andrea, The gardens and orchid show are fantastic... WOW is all I can say... I love all of your pictures.... Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  22. Joey hey- thanks for dropping by!

    Ever Green Tree - my bonsai photos are very few and not very good, maybe next time if i have more time i will specifically prepare better ones for you!

    Elephants eye - thank you very much i learned a lot from you. Now i will try to learn the morphology of dragonfly larvae. I only know the adults at the moment, haha! But i know frogs from eggs onwards.

    Carolyn - yes i am lucky as i dont have to raise them myself to appreciate their beauties. The Phil Orchid Society holds it 2x/yr, and it is just near our office.

    Tina - it is nice to have warmth if you are in temperate countries, but it is nicer to have cold if you are in our hot and humid dry seasons.

  23. Cat - thank you so much I was able to give you some nice things via my photos.

    SR - haha, the "pot" is a nice euphemism, but the ladie' picture is prominent on the front door! I really laughed that someone as far as UK expressed that word that only us from this part of the world know.

    Bom - haha, you really remember my comment verbatim ha! True because i have posted a lot of catleya before, when i haven't met you here yet (you can see the evidences in the archives !). Thanks for appreciating the humor, did you appreciate my euphemism too!

    Betsy - thanks, waiting for your vacation photos during George birthday.

  24. What a beautiful series of photos. The flowers and displays are gorgeous.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes.

  25. Your japanese garden amongst these seems appropriate. Maybe we should all start a small one in our own gardens, to help make up for the loss.

  26. Hello Andrea, this is the same in both live in countries with similar climate, and we have the privilege of having flowers all year.
    I'm waiting for the third blog of the exhibition of orchids.
    Thanks for visiting and for participating in the TF.

  27. Andrea it was a lovely tour with you and the gorgeous orchids!I was impressed with the lovely ladies pot.wink

  28. George - you should thank Betsy more, your very thoughtful wife for telling us your blogsite, haha. Thanks also for your visit here.

    Joco - thanks for dropping by, your first visit here. Yes Japanese garden is always very inspiring and a bit easier to maintain.

    Laerte Pupo - i often participate in that site. Thanks for following my next post on orchids, and for visiting here. Yes our climate really give us lots of privileges!

    Naturegirl - haha, the ladies' pot is so controversial, and elicited some laughter from the men from this country.

  29. amazing Andrea - those scenes are so beautiful. My favourites are the bromeliads ine centre of that water feature and that little mini forest of bonsai trees.

  30. That is a unique-looking ladies room. The orchid show looks like something I would have liked to have attended!


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