Sunday, March 13, 2011

Orchid Show - Post No. 3

Dearest Bloggermaniaholics,

I am very sorry, I accept the guilt of compressing a lot of photos in a mosaic in my previous posts. That is due to the excitement of showing you all of them at once plus  the further excitement of making collages, which i confess i just learned a bit late. Now, i am showing you the individual plants. I compressed them first and then showed them individually if there are many representatives per species.

Phalaenopsis varieties:

The Oncidium varieties:

Alliance: Cymbidium; Scientific name: Grammatophyllum multiflorum

Paphiopedilum species and varieties:

(sorry about that brown discoloration at the left, it is already about to dehisce)

Rhyncostylis gigantea variety:

Now do you think i will still have Post No. 4? Please tune in this channel.

I left the catleya for now, sorry Bom - The Plant Chaser, they are beautiful but I really somehow got tired looking at their magnificence! More orchids in this show in Bom's site:


  1. The Paphiopedilum orchids are very special. Many of the orchids I haven't seen before, but only at orchid shows. Andrea, I listened intently to the years since yesterday night and was so relieved the tsunami waves passed the Philippines islands without much damage. What is happening in Japan is so frightening.

  2. We are all learning all the time. Our purpose also changes ...from showing as much as possible to showing clear photos. Sometimes I go through that dilemma. I made 2 collages of bees and deleted them. I'll show them individually instead.

    Are ground orchids easy to grow? I saw some today at a forest reserve and really love them. One of them look like yours.

  3. Hello. Amy is beautiful flowers we have only in pots at home, you can watch in the gardens. I would like once after such a garden walk. Yours

  4. Ah, all of those orchids are spectacular! We have some native orchids here in NC that look similar to the Paphiopedilum species. Very difficult to grow (they are symbiotic with a soil fungus) and illegal to dig. My parents have a bunch of such orchids (Pink Lady's Slippers) growing wild in their yard.

  5. I enjoyed your new presentation. The orchids are easily seen and your photos are beautiful. I am seeing so many different than are up here at our botanical gardens. I know some have yet to bloom, but orchids are in their natural habitat for you. They grow to huge and full of flower.

  6. Andrea, how lovely!! I just awarded the Stylish Blogger Award to you! - you do have style!

  7. Andrea these are so beautiful...I can see how people become addicts and must possess so many...and I love your mosaics...then we can see so many at one time

  8. No need to apologize, Andrea. I appreciate all the orchids and not just cattleyas. In fact I prefer the Grammatophylum multiflorum. I had to cover everything, even the cattleyas, because I was there as a guest of the Philippine Orchid Society on VIP/media day and not as a regular guest.

  9. So many lovely pictures! These orchids are beautiful, and such unusual colors and shapes. Thank you, it was a joy to see this post.

  10. I guess Orchid Shows are the place to go to see and learn about so many gorgeous orchids, new and old ones. The photos are lovely Andrea.

  11. Thanks everyone for not forgetting to come over my post:

    Autumn Belle - Yes Autumn Belle, we are praying for the distraught and affected. You know lots of our people are scattered in many countries including Japan, so we have them suffering from recent happenings: Libya, NZealand, Japan. We are thankful the tsunami which hit our Pacific shores were not that dangerous! Thank you.

    One - it is better to buy orchids already acclimatized or cultured in nurseries because those directly coming from the wild might not be able to withstand the abrupt change in microclimate. It could be Grammatophyllum, because that is common in our forests.

    Ruth - thank you for always coming over and leving kind words.

    Giga - yes orchids normally thrive in the tropics because that is their normal habitat.

    Sweetbay - how wonderful to have wild Paphiopedilum in your mother's yard! It needs more shade, so a bit more difficult to care for.

    Donna or gardenwalkgardentalk - yes these orchids are so much at home here, so we can make many hybrids.

  12. Gloria - oh I am so flattered for that award, however i might not return the favor. I will try to read it. thank you so much.

    Donna - haha, yes people can be addicts to something in this life, somehow i am now addicted to making collages. At least it subsides at once after i learn how to fully do it.

    Bom - thanks for the indirect advice, got it, haha! At least even if i had some memory gaps, i can be sensitive sometimes. You are famous, that is the reason why you have lots of photos with the VIPs there, i should have sensed that. But why with the media, thought you are a lawyer!

    Masha - this is your first visit here, i hope you will drop by again.

    p3chandan - yes, as much as possible i always go to these shows because i can't raise them now myself, for lack of time and space.

  13. Exquisite! I guess you already know that I have a weak spot for orchids so this post was really the best I could come across . Thank you, Andrea :)

  14. Andrea, I will not be surprised if you there will be a Post No. 4.

    Thanks for the lovely pics. Did you ran out of space in your first picture? It looks like the other flowers in the collage did not get the same billing.

  15. Really so beautiful, Andrea! I hope your excitement for making collages last....and ...last!!! I'm in a big hurry now...I'll surely come back and take my time to admire your photos!:)

  16. so many lovely orchids.
    They are truly a beauty to behold.

  17. I've loved these Andrea - I could spend hours photographing them and admiring all their colours and shapes. I'm so used to seeing phalenopsis but those ground orchids look very special - are they mounted on pieces of wood?

    I'm so glad that your country was fortunate to escape the worst of those waves - my heart goes out to those that have been affected - each day the news seems to get worse and worse.

  18. Sunita - i know most of your orchids there are Dendrobium sp., which are actually not really as special as those we have here. Maybe you should get some mother plants so you will be one of the first to have the most beautiful orchids, haha!

    SR - you are right, i am a bit not feeling well for not giving my favorite Vanda the billing they more deserved. Anyway, later on I will give them the full credits esp the blue species, which are my favorites. Yes, dont be surprised for the Post no. 4!

    Kanak - come again i will give you more!

    James - yes and the actual displays are even more beautiful than the photos!

    Anonymous - I am sorry you forgot to put your name and link, i will not be able to go to your post. But yes these look so special, some mounted on woods, some on other media. I feel like you are either Tina or Rosie. I hope you come again so I will know who you really are! Thanks for your concern about us here!

  19. All your photos are beautiful Andrea. I bet to walk thru all these wonderful orchids is an amazing experience.

  20. What excellent photos! No need to apologise! Your blog is interesting. I'll be sure to pop back in from time to time. Thank you.

    Thanks also for your comment on my 'exmouth cordylines' post by the way. We have just had an unprecidented period of cold here.


  21. Orchids are so beautiful and I think a delicate flower. I was lucky enough to be able to see many at the Botanical Gardens in Washington DC over the Christmas holidays. While it snowed outside, I was admiring the beauty inside! The scent was awesome…

  22. Oh Andrea, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your flowers, whether they are in a collage or individual... They are fabulous!!!!!!! Thanks so much..

  23. Tina - yes it is wonderful to visit orchid shows, i had to sneak out from the office for this, haha!

    Ben Candlin - thank you for your firt time visiting here. I hope your cold will be finished soonest.

    Skeeter - I've been seeing posts of orchids in conservatories in temperate countries like yours, but i tell you it is different when they are in their natural environment. Thanks for your visit and hope you get well soon.

    Betsy - oh your hands are not very full now, you can already visit. I am waiting for the waterfall photos from your last travel during George birthday. Thanks.

  24. Andrea,

    I think the banana is dead. Meg thinks it might be alike. It is mushy and black, to me that means dead. Loved these orchids.

  25. Such a wide variety of orchids! I enjoy looking at your photographs, either in mosaic or individually.

  26. The orchids are beautiful, Andrea. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who sometimes falls victim to the allure of collages. :-) -Jean

  27. HaHaHa. I'm not a VIP and I'm definitely not famous. I was just invited to go on the opening day by a friend who is with the POS. In return I helped promote the event by writing it up. The people I am with are the real VIP's. :-D


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