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Orchid Show - Post No. 4

These are minor orchid species which are not really very famous. Most of them are endemic in the country especially the Vanda lamellata varieties. I was not able to get all the labels as sometimes they are far from my reach as some of them are put in the design only as fillers in the landscape design, e.g. clockwise: 1st and 2nd box with the purple and white flowers in the collage below.

 This brownish orange orchid flowers are also used as filler-accents in the hedge with ferns.

The above three Vanda lamellata varieties are common orchids here, found growing in old mango trees in the northern part of the country. However, collectors and poachers gathered most of them from the wild and now found in collectors gardens. I have 2 varieties of these for several years which succumbed to the dry season in our province. These varieties have been used also in hybridization.

The above 2 flowers are both Epidendrum spp. Do you know Epidendrum is called "poor man's orchid"? That is because there are thousands of species, which are very easy to grow.

Dendrobium smiliaea is called "the bottlebrush orchid", really looks like a bottlebrush,  and native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. The first photo shows the habit and characteristics of the whole plant. The flowers are mostly borne at the end of the leafless stems, making them look more like bottlebrushes!

 I have 3 previous posts for this Orchid Show:  First, Second, Third.

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  1. These orchids are really nice Andrea! Perhaps collectors would love these minor orchids.

    The last one with pink is so pretty. Btw, I hope you can find scarlet sage for your mother :-D

  2. With such spectacular competition I can see how these smaller-flowering orchids could get overshadowed. I'll have to admit that when I was growing orchids actively, rabidly, 10-20 years ago I didn't have a proper appreciation for them. But now, if I encounter even a minor orchid species out on a hike, I'm absolutely thrilled.

  3. These are so gorgeous, Andrea. Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them here.

  4. Andrea, Thank you so for sharing these beautiful orchids. I have never seen many of these varieties. Wonderful series! Love your first collage! Beautiful!

  5. The orchids at the Philadelphia Flower Show were spectacular: both the exhibits and the orchids entered in the competitive classes. I am really beginning to appreciate these plants as the orchid I got for Christmas still has all its original flowers.

  6. Andrea, I like these fillers. I like the idea that they grow on old mango trees. My mango trees are still young. Hope some birds will bring one of these plants from the wild and insert it on my mango tree some day.

  7. Andrea, the orchids are so beautiful. I have never grown any of them for fear they require much time; since that a friend has informed me they are not at all difficult. Nonetheless, my vegetables keep me busy enough. As for the Dendrobium smiliaea, one amazing plant!

  8. Lovely. I've never seen a bottlebrush orchid before. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Lovely orchids. It's hard to believe there are so many different varieties! Orchids are survivors, at least in warm places.

  10. Sometimes even filler plants could steal a show as demonstrated by your blog entry today.

    "Poor man's orchid?" If a poor man (in the Philippines) can grow orchids then he's not really poor :)

    Are the fern fronds in the second picture real? Looks like plastic to me.

  11. Andrea, your orchid posts are totally amazing. I haven't seen half of these! When I move house in the next six months I want to find some Epidendrum to grow in our new garden... hoping they will survive even if I don't have a green thumb (and neither does our garden/house angel!) :-D

  12. Hello Andrea, I love your photos, I am in love with orchids, I had a a bouquet of orchids for my wedding
    i have a garden , and a blog, I am argentinean and my name is Andrea too

  13. If they could grow in my garden (unfortunately, due to climate), then all I would like to have. Yours

  14. Diana - Orchids are not difficult to care for, the first lesson for success is knowing their characteristics and give them what they need. That is all. So, dont you think it's easy! haha.

    Asclepias - this is also my first time to see that, and i haven't seen Asclepias either! It is a good food of a certain butterfly.

    EG Wow - you are right, orchids are survivors in warm (and humid) places. That is their normal habitat, where they dont get human attention. But in temperate climes? ah that's a big problem.

    SR - poverty has different standards depending on who say it! But that is true for Epidendrum, because they just grow even without any human attention! I just dont like it because as i told James above, it doesn't know how to 'groom' itself! haha.

    Francisca - you should grow Vanda instead of Epidendrum. Vanda terete can withstand our climate well. I can help you how, also can help you manage them in your new house. Just tell me, i can offer assistance.

    Andrea - oh my dear namesake, thanks for visiting my site. Yes orchids are favorite bouquettes for wedding because they symbolize rarity, wealth, mystery and beauty, and a lot more!

    Giga - i've replied in your site. There are also orchids in temperate countries, it is just that they are different from our tropical species. Please visit again. thanks.

  15. I am glad you still did not get tired of my orchid post. I will rest for a while with orchids.

    Stephanie - native and endemic orchids are famous collectors' items because they have special characteristics intended for breeding. thanks.

    James - yes, that happened with me too when i am still growing orchids. Now, even the minutest one is very dear to me and i want to care for!

    Daisy - thank you also for your visit here and appreciation.

    Carol - i know they are not very famous in publications, reasons i showed them here! thanks for visiting.

    Carolyn - one of the nicest characteristics of most orchids is their length of vase life. I also saw the Philadelphia Orchid Show news on TV and the largesse of it all is mesmerizing.

    One - you don't need your mango tree to raise orchids. If you will invite me to stay in your house while touring in your area, i will bring you a very nice orchid of your choice, and you will get free consultations throughout its life! Deal?

  16. Lovely blog. I enjoyed learning about the orchids in your area.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Hey, We don't get to see so many varieties of Orchids ard here. This is such an amazing collection.

    PS: Have been slightly caught up with an ongoing paint job at home n prept'ns for holi.

  18. Love your blog, I will follow you.
    Beautifull flowers, lovely colours.
    Greetings from The Netherlands, Diny

  19. Andrea, I had picked the poor man's orchid because you said it was easy to grow... :-D ... but I am most certainly open to your more learned suggestions. I'll let you know when we move and we can talk again. Salamat!!

  20. I have the poor man's orchid in orange, and a couple of others I can't remember the name of.

    How wonderful to see all of the lovelies in one location.


  21. Hello. In Poland, orchids can grow (and grow) only in pots on the windowsill. Yours

  22. The deal you offered One is a nice one. I like the Dendrobium and would not mind having one. LOL.

  23. I like orchids that are rare, not every household has in the backyard. I like the bottlebrush variety. Can't say I've seen any of those kinds around here.

    Thanks for sharing.

  24. So many delicate and lovely orchids. I especially like the orange colored ones.

  25. Nice pics Andrea! I don't think I will ever get orchids. I'd only want the rare ones and if I did find one, I'd probably have regular anxiety attacks caring for it.

  26. These orchids look like wildflowers. The best thing is that they have lots of flowers. How nice if my garden has some of it.

  27. Wife, mother gardener - thanks for visiting, i enjoy showing them to people like you whose climate doesn't allow normal and easy cultivation.

    Ever Green Tree - yes i noticed most of you only show the ordinary Dendrobium even on special events. Maybe you should start having your own to be the first to show them what they miss!

    Diny - thanks for following my posts, i am sure Netherlands have very different orchids and might not possibly raise these types, unless in the phytotron.

    Francisca - hahaha, you can have many orchids here, and take advantage of our climate, because in your other temperate homes, that is not possible.

    Flowerlady - yes i am sure you can raise of wonderful tropical orchids in your area, maybe much easier than here!

    Giga - Poland is such a very cold country, am sure only the temperate ones can grow there, and even that take extra care and loving tenderness. haha!

    Donna - haha, i enjoy doing that with One and she explained so fully in her private email. If only i can be in her area, i can really bring an orchid if that's possible. Do you offer the same Deal for me?

    Photo Cache - forgot where you live, however i know you saw these orchids when still here in the country.

    Jennifer - many people choose bright colors, although i wonder why i dont. Klaraau explained it very well in one of her comments earlier, depending on the energy centers of the person, or their chakras.

    Bom - you want to be fully challenged even in raising plants. And choosing those in CITES definitely help biodiversity and preservation of the species.

    Autumn Belle - would you like to also give me the DEAL with One? If only your place is nearer KL, it bringing orchids would have been easier!

  28. How gorgeous! You must have felt like you'd had a vacation by the time you came out of the show.

  29. Hi Andrea, WOW--another set of orchids... They are wonderful. I have a post scheduled for this week --showing the orchids I saw at Biltmore House and Gardens when we were there in Feb. None of mine are as pretty as yours.... FABULOUS... Thanks!

  30. Magastos pag puro CITES. LOL! It's just a coincidence that some of the plants I am in love with are listed. The plants I collect don't necessarily have to be rare worldwide. They just have to be rare or unusual where I live.


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