Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cherry blossom too?

The Cherry blossom, Prunus serrulata, of Japan is a very famous bloom in temperate climates. It is commonly associated with Japan but grows in other countries too, but of course not in the Philippines and other tropical Southeast Asian countries.  Nobody will say the cherry blossoms are not beautiful.

We in these part of the world has our own 'cherry blossom', which actually is called Palawan cherry. Palawan is a group of islands in the western part of the Philippines, which has a unique geographical and vegetative characteristics than the rest of the country, even if our climate is the same. It still has virgin forest areas protected from cultivation and agricultural practices. The beaches are still pristine and beautiful. Palawan is one of our provinces and boasts of many wonders of nature, like the Subteranean River, one of the world's wonders. Another uniqueness of that province is the Palawan cherry, Casia nodosa, also a leguminous plant. That means it fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere through its roots, and have pods as their fruits. Legumes include the peas, beans, alfalfa, and peanuts.

Would you say this 'cherry blossoms' is also as beautiful as the famous cherry blossoms?

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  1. Andrea, we have in Sweden and I love it.:As I am Brazilian, I run into the fields with the parfum of Blossom around me...every year.

    The post we have read in my blog is ABOUT A BOY WHO MOVED TO BRAZIL WITH HIS MOTHER. She was married to an American man and decided to divorced of him. In 2008, she died and the American man contacted her family and took the boy.It was Christmas 2009 when the boy moved to USA and now his grandmother discovered that he is depressive and very fat.

    Both of sides continue fighting in the COURT.


  2. Hi Grace, yes i now remember i heard about that on the news. I can imagine the boy will be depressed because he is still attached to her grandmother where he grew up, it is very difficult for him to be lonely without a mother, and suddenly be reunited to his father whom he doesnt know. Besides, US customs might be too different than Brazil. I pity the boy, i hope he will be returned to his Grandmother. I have a good friend from Sao Paolo and we have many things in common. Let us also pray for the boy and may his father realize what the boy needs this time! thank you Grace.

  3. They are really beautiful. The difference comparing this tree with Cherry Blossom is that the latter has no leaves. Try plucking those leaves away and they might look similar. Btw, I've always been admiring trees with lots of flowers. I see them a lot while driving. Even as of just now, I thought I must remember to bring my camera. So far, I don't bring my camera around and unlikely to stop my car just to snap a photo. Must do something whacky on Wednesdays.

  4. Hey! I look for snowdrops, you look for cherry blossoms!!!

  5. I love this pink shower tree. It is very beautiful and so many flowers. Your are right, our tropical version of Cherry blossoms, hehehe!

  6. I have one in my backyard.
    It's in a part shaddy spot so it's reaching for the sun..tall and thin.
    Will show picks soon.

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  8. What a wonderful sight of millions of beautiful cherry blossoms.
    Many countries in Europe as well in North America celebrating and hosting Cherry Blossom Festivals.
    One of the festivals is right now in Vancouver, Canada. http://www.vcbf.ca/
    Thank you for your visit and comment,

  9. This is also known as Pink Cassia here, Andrea and I absolutely love it! I have a variant in my garden and it is in bloomright now. You're right ... it has every quality needed to be as famed as Japan's chery blossoms. So beautiful!

  10. Lovely pictures...some seem as if there is a Cherry Blossom Sky!

  11. Dear Andrea, These blossoms you share are very beautiful! Are they fragrant too? Your part of the world sounds heavenly . . . I hope it is protected and kept pristine.

  12. Just trim the leaves and it'll look just like cherry blossoms. But then it won't be our unique tropical beauty anymore haha. I've never seen a pink cassia here, only yellow ones. But, I've seen trees resembling crape myrtle (not sure if it is really that) with full blooms.

  13. Andrea, One is right you should have plucked the leaves out and it would have rivaled the cherry blossoms :)

    Still, leaves and all, that is one beautiful flowering tree.

  14. They are so beautiful! An amazing Philippine sakura! :)

  15. Que lindas fotos! As flores preenchem todos os espaçoes!

  16. They do look like the real cherry blossoms, beautiful pink flowers!

  17. One - LOL to you very early this morning! You always start my day right, so thank you. I noticed when our tropical flowering trees are fully in the sun, no shaded part at all, they show more flowers earlier than the leaves. That is true also for the fire tree (forget now the Sciname, i've posted it before). This tree is a bit shaded by the Samanea saman, so it has lots of leaves on that side, but full flowers on the fully exposed side.

    My cherry blossoms is less funny than your snow drops, haha! But snowdrop, the real one is my favorite. The white wild flowers i saw in the mountains of Turkey when going to see the snowdrops is also of the Prunus species, so relative of cherry blossoms. Don't leave home ever again without your camera! Forget your hankie or ballpen but not it. Put an alarm always on your cellphone to remind you.

    Autumn Belle - yes our tropical version, i wish it coincice with the Chinese New Year because it is auspicious. You seem very busy these days ha!

    Patsi - i forgot where you live, but maybe yours is the Prunus, if you are in a temperate clime.

    Gizela - i am sure the cherry blossom festival in Canada will be an enchanting sight, how lovely to see it.

    Tina - thanks for dropping by, regards to Skeeter.

    Sunita - you have a wide area there so you can grow this Cassia, what we have at home is the yellow Cassia, Casia fistula or golden shower. It is so beautiful also in summer with drooping flower bunches.

    Sage Butterfly - yeah, that is right a 'cherry blossom sky'. thanks.

  18. Carol - i actually am not sure if these Palawan cherry has fragrance. Yes that area of our country is under protection, i hope it will stay like that for a longer time, not much encroached by people's activities.

    Aaron - i have pink Cassia at home, the leaves of this one is smaller but the same habit.

    SR - yes i agree with your and One, i explained it further in my reply to her above. You should think if you should incorporate the pink and yellow Cassia in your property, they will be lovely in some corner but not shaded at all. Hmmm, the yellow or golden shower is very beautiful with little leaves in summer. Think about that!

    Dona - yes it is a Philippine sakura! thanks for dropping by.

    Miriam Luisa - thank you for your comment

    p3chandan - as Autumn Belle said, this is our tropical cherry blossom.

  19. Yes, it's definitely as pretty! The leaves make it very interesting as well.

  20. Thank you for posting these lovely cherry blossoms.
    Joyce M

  21. Andrea, we do have several Cassia fistula (see my "The golden years" entry) in the farm. But just like me (hahaha) they're still too young and immature :)

  22. Wendy - thanks for the kind comments and the invitation to join your new site.

    Light and Voices - i hope you visit again!

    Vintagesouthernlife - thank you so much for dropping by.

    SR - don't expect me to recall those plants in your farm, I hope you remember I can't even recall my comments, haha. Your golden showers are still so young, and ours are already flowering, which means I might be your aunt or your grandmother! All evidences showing!

  23. oi.. meron pala ganyan dito sa atin.. ganda naman..


  24. Those flowers are definitely beautiful! They do look a lot like the cherry blossoms here. :o)


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