Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Isabela Province

The Intellectual Property (IP) Management Training Workshop for the Cagayan Valley Agriculture Resources Research and Development (CVARRD) Consortium is the first joint IP Activity of BAR and PCARRD. Our trip to Echague, Isabela took us 12 hours, lower back pain and really tired body. We stayed in the only hotel in Alicia for 2 nights and decided to leave on the 3rd night for a better place in Nueva Viscaya State University.

A videoke night capped the 1st night, tired body and minds did not hinder the desires to sing their hearts out.

Cordillera Mountains viewed at the opposite end

Triangular 'suman' at the boundary of Nueva Ecija and Nueva Viscaya

Tugui root crops and turmeric or 'luyang dilaw' sold in that store-restaurant at the boundary
Rattan fruits and the very blue sky on the way back to Manila



  1. Hi Andrea! Rattan fruits, are these the ones they preserve in vinegar? I love 'em!I used to have a dorm mate in college from the north who would bring these fuits after the holidays. Wow, my mouth just filled with saliva.

  2. Sorry Karmi, have not been opening the blog in a long time. Yes, these could be the fruits you mentioned. They are sour even at this ripe stage, however i dont know their other uses. Where did you finish your college education? BTW maybe Chile now has a very cold winter!


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