Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mayon Volcano Escapade

We were one day early for the IP Awareness Training for BFAR 5 Network agencies, so we gallivanted for a while. Mayon's destruction can be seen everywhere, buried a barangay due to the eroding lava carried by heavy rains. More than a thousand died in that last typhoon. Aside from that Tabaco City was flooded for about 7 ft. The heavy rains and flood from the mountain occured during high tide which prevented the incoming waters to flow freely to the sea.

The Mount Mayon Resort is high up the foot of Mayon Volcano. It could have been a good viewers' site for the lowlands, but dense fog prevented us from seeing beyond 5 ft. Even the mountain itself did not allow full view even at noon.

Big stones are scattered everywhere, prompting two enterprizing brothers to manually make stone sculptures.

The Kagsawa Ruins, with only the belltower left from the 1840 eruption. An enterprizing photographer planted cosmos seeds in the site and use them
as background for his art.

Lani and i made so small versus Dennis, huh! Can you beat that!

Finally, Mayon gave way and peep thru the clouds (captured by Dennis' lens).


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