Monday, November 3, 2008

Further musings

It is difficult to work, not with a heavy feeling and a heavy head. I instead reviewed Ging's PNG adventures, reviewed the posts from the start as well as pictures. Ging writes very well and she really conveys the information very nicely. The fun and the puns are also there. Since i have been contemplating on her post for a couple of weeks, now i am having more difficult time.

I gave up the 'Undas' weekend to go home, so i can possibly meditate on the matter. I prayed for my dead father's soul to continue being happy with its condition now. I even prayed for all the dead relatives i can think of. I visualized they are all contented and peaceful having the new 'LIFE'. However i still have not been at peace with the idea that i will be going to PNG. It is amusing and fun to read Ging's posts, but it is a very different story if you think of yourself being in those conditions! Will i be able to survive what she has been through? She might be more patient and brave than me after all. I will stop here still musing and grumbling, and probably spend some more sleepless nights for the deeper contemplation, again help me God.

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