Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bohol Revisit

We stayed in a seaside resort in Panggangan Island, Calape. It was owned by an Ilocano wife and a British husband. This is a very common partnership in most resort establishments in Bohol.

The cottages look simple outside but clean and great inside the rooms. We enjoyed the big bathrooms. Here i am contemplating on my photos on a convenient hammock under big trees.

My travel buddy at work

idyllic scenes from the viewdeck

While Marlowe was contemplating on his lecture on social science researches and community development, i was contemplating on the smell of this squid delicacy, hmmm!
We also visited the broodstock fish culture in cages. We have to ride a small boat to the cages in the open sea. At the first cage are milkfish broodstocks. At the right is Marlowe's photo of me looking closely at the big mouths of meter-long groupers (lapu-lapu). I love seafood and lapu-lapu is my favorite fish. I wonder what happens when one accidentally plunge into the cages of these voracious cannibals. I asked the caretaker if i was the only one who looked at them in this position, he said 'yes'. hehe.


  1. Hahaha! I'm sure you made this caretaker laugh.

  2. Sarap guid ng mag-rest sa hammock. Pwede ba akong sumama next time? Hehehe...

  3. Of course! Kaso hindi na ako malimit ngayon sa Bohol. Hinabol ko na lang para magkasama kami ni Marlowe, na 3x ndi pinatuloy ng aming boss. Kunyari hindi kami magkasama kasi separate dates sa T.O, hehe.


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