Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Animals among us

I am introducing..... Britige


at... Si Manok

A reptile hiding under dried leaves

A lizard on the roof. Notice the branched tail.
If our 2 kids already gave a name to a chick, it will not be made to 'tinola' at all, even if you beg! When i really want 'tinolang native chicken' we choose the nameless ones or better buy from the neighbors. Engelbert is the son of a black Japanese rooster ang a native hen. However, he is susceptible to disease and died young.


  1. I realy liked your blog
    I will read it more, because I think that you have chickens with funny names...
    Besides, I like animals.

  2. elo.. nice blog.. i will link u to my site...

  3. Thank you Tin and Ann for dropping by my blog. In case you want to view some of my photos: I also looked at your blogs to see who you are. Best regards.

  4. Hahaha! Your kids sound like a real charm. Good day to you Andrea. I'd like to come back and read more of your blog. Chao!

  5. nice blog.i linked you.kindly see my animals.


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