Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Updates on Spirit Possessions

The Dep Ed Regional Staff went to the school, as a result of the letter from the concerned guardian. If happened that these people are friends of the school management, and they seemed having good times seeing each other again. Never mind the purpose of the visit. Apparently, the Dep Ed staff agreed with the decisions of the management, and agreed that the students were just overacting. They said to just let them have their acting and wait till sober again! What the heck! Is that suppose to be how these Dep Ed professionals (?) act on situations like that! My blood pressure seem to shoot up.

Fortunately, the PTA adviser and the Teacher-Adviser were not convinced by management's decision. They still went to fetch the suggested exorcist. However, he is so busy with much appointments that he was not able to see the school. He just taught the PTA adviser some paranormal strategies as precautionary measures perhaps.

I wonder what happens next. It is a one-week semestral break for the students. Let's hope that the suggested strategies were effective enough, that when classes resume no more possessions and chaos ensue. That is a fervent prayer, because the one week of consultations, planning and contacting the seemingly endless numbers which might prove helpful took credit from the concerned guardian. That whole week provided not much accomplishments in the actual guardian's office.

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