Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Saigon at last!

The promo flights are at midnight, coupled with one hour delay, so we were all groggy at the Saigon airport. Moreover, some people in our flight were 'bwisit siguro' or irritated because Nico did not stop crying inside the plane when about to land, wailing hysterically for maybe 30 minutes which seemed to be 2 hours. Some people transfered to vacant seats, some covered their ears with their fingers, and some approached Dennis for help and some advice. Poor Joyce, Nico is so strong and 'ubos lakas' talaga. I think it was not only due to the pressure in the ears, some are tantrums.

At the Saigon airport we felt hilarious at 3am (4am Philippine time), we became instant millionaires. Twenty five pesos is 10,000 Dongs! If you want to be millionaires go to Vietnam. The US$200 Dennis changed at the exchange counter is 1.6+ Million Dongs. At least we did not have to use a 'bayong' because one Note is 10,000 and so on. I think the lowest is 500 Dongs. Great we felt so rich!

This is the Que Hong Liberty 3 Hotel. I love it because we are given a suite, very clean, with free coffee/tea and water boiler, cable TV and matrimonial bed. The Hotel is great and the breakfast buffet is great, too. If i have croissant, bacon and coffee, i will be happy for the whole morning.

Do you know that Vietnam is the 2nd largest exporter of coffee, next to Brazil? Joyce Mommy and Dennis always end up drinking iced coffee, while mine is either watermelon shake or 'buko'.

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