Friday, October 17, 2008

The Mekong Delta Tour

Mekong Delta Tours can be arranged for 1 day or many days. We got only the one day tour. We took a bus for about 2 hours to the pier, then a bigger boat and then smaller boats. Tourists in our company used 3 busses and we mixed in a big boat. We came from maybe all continents, but i recognized and talked to some from Australia, Canada and South America; also recognized some Chinese, Koreans, and Americans. We visited the islands Phoenix and Unicorn. We are fortunate that our tourist guide is good in English and memorized a lot of statistics about Vietnams population, agricultural production, exports, etc. He certainly did his homework well.
We took small boats of 3-4 persons per boat in going upstream to the islands. Nipa palms grow on both sides of the river. Inside one of the islands we visited coconut candy making. The tombs you see here are children's. Maybe because they are so far from the mainland they just bury their dead near their houses. The tombs are scattered and not placed in a sort of cemetery.

During lunch all of us ate at the same time in a big covered area, and everyone had fun. We were also delayed in the island by a strong rain. The Venezuelan guy and i joked about everyone having a bench for the evening to sleep on if wind will not stop. The brown murky waters of the Mekong suddenly had big waves. Fortunately it stopped and we were able to return to the boats safely. On the way home in the busses again, we were confronted with a deluge of motorbikes in every intersection. I tell you it is a wonderful sight to see. Ladies on 3 inches stilletos riding on motorbikes, can you beat that!
Our last night in Saigon was spent at the Water Puppet Show. It was beautiful. We were thankful Nico did not make a scene, contented himself breastfeeding.

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