Friday, October 17, 2008

Have you any encounter with spirit possesions?

My sister is a teacher in a town school with small college but mainly high school students. My niece is also a freshman in that school. Since it is a small school every section is confined to a room and can leave only during lunch break when they can eat at the canteen or just inside that room. The main gate is closed during school hours to refrain students from going out and maybe meet dangers outside. This policy lessens the responsibility of the school for unusual occurrences.

However, spirit possessions happened, which started with the star section of 3rd year students. It went on and on since 01 August 2008. Pastors were sent there for prayers but nothing happened. When repeated occurences happened, the parents of the possessed children brought in 'albularyo'. They can alleviate sufferings and can bring consciousness faster, but still the number of children suffering from attacks increased. The management of the school happened to be 'born again Christians' and 7th day Adventists. Most of the teachers and the principal are Catholics, and they cannot impose anything on the matter. They just laid back and wait for the management decisions.

Unfortunately, the last two weeks seem so alarming. Many attacks occurred and not only confined to the original room of the star section, it is happening also with other years and sections. Some students under spirit possession can now even run to the premises and start to punch whoever will come near them. A male adviser even suffered a punch from a female student under the influence of the spirit.

A concerned guardian contacted exorcists suggested by a known paranormal personality. The Office of Exorcism of the Catholic Group in Manila was also contacted. Since this group needs a long evaluation period and has a long protocol before they can act, the paranormal exorcists were contacted. An address in Lipa City was also given to the president of the PTA and some teachers of the school. Last Wednesday the Management already agreed to allow anybody who can help to enter the premises. However, in the afternoon this decision was reversed and no 'albularyo', priests, exorcists or anybody will be allowed in the premises. Teachers agreed to close the school on Thursday and Friday (Oct 16-17) so both students, staff and teachers can rest because they have been practically monitoring and helping students for the week. Possessions aggravated this week that they barely had classes at all. Everybody is tired, afraid and helpless.

The concerned guardian coordinated also with the president of the PTA, asked for their moves, and called for the Dep Ed for decisions. However, lots of numbers and people called were not able to give advice. Even the Administrative Officer of the Division of Batangas, who was pointed by everybody to have the responsibility, also laid down hands and said that he cannot do anything because the responsibility lies on the school management. The guardian does not believe in his decision, so calls to other Dep Ed officers were done. Finally, a certain Assistant Director for the Regional Programs was receptive, and an email to her was sent. She said it will be copied and given to the Director for the final decision.

GMA and ABS-CBN were also emailed so that they can put pressure to the management of the school. Besides the teachers and the parents are meeting continuously to have a rally on Monday instead of letting their children go to school. They are already afraid for their children. What will happen if a stampede or physical accident will ensue due to the freight of children? I think the school management does not have the moral responsibility and do not have the right to lead a school with their incapacity to make right decisions. If the school will be closed, it will be the students and the parents who will suffer because time will be lost from their lives. Will the school be able to compensate for the lost knowledge, lost time, and psychological damages to these children? Dep Ed must be decisive enough to put the correct decisions.

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