Thursday, October 9, 2008

Saigon Holiday

We excitedly waited for this trip. Marlowe and I and the Gumpals booked for the holiday to Saigon, 22-26 September '08. Gumpals mean Dennis, Joyce and son Nico. At the airport we realized Joyce's and Dennis's mothers are with us. Moreover, to our dismay Marlowe was not allowed to come because his passport lacks 1 week in the required 6 months from expiration! It was really frustrating for both of us. Cebu Pacific did not advise us of the problem when they got the details of our passport during booking. Now, they did not allow him to go because of that requirement. I dont know whose fault is that, but definitely Cebu Pacific has to be blamed for it. Maybe Foreign Affairs should be faulted also because we haven't heard at all of that regulation, nor found it earlier in any of the media. Kakagigil talaga! Airline staff said 'marami na raw nabiktima ahead of us'. Hinayang na hinayang ako sa plane fares and accomodations ni Marlowe. To add insult to injury, suppose he can get the passport on 23rd, the next available flight will be on the 24th, . But he has to pay for another flight because the original is non transferable, non-negotiable, non-refundable, bwisit! He ended not following us for the lots of expenses and the already lost time. Besides, DFA will release the renewed passport at the shortest time of 3 days. Can you imagine our disgust, disappointment, anger, and most of all hinayang and bwisit!

Anyway, i ended up to be with the Gumpal family and their two mothers. Huh!

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