Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mixed accidental tales

I thought 'accidental' is an easier word for Word for Wednesday. However, as I was searching from the files, I thought I am just substantiating the word incidental. So how can i really depict accidental in a more meaningful way? I googled it to reinforce the meanings already in my head. They are the same, as I've already known it: unexpectedly, by chance, unintentionally, casually, fortuitously, not essentially. But accidents are more felt as negative than otherwise! In my photos I view them as "otherwise", unless you will not agree. 

We were in the northernmost part of the country, Batanes, a group of islands almost remote and not yet reached even by many Filipinos, because no airline competition exists, therefore the fare is high. Moreover, it is known to be frequently visited by typhoons, so there are stone houses with very thick walls to hide from harsh conditions. A meteorological station is based there. This object is on top of the structure at least 2 story high, so i tried to zoom in from the ground. I just realized later that a view of the sky and the surrounding landscape with my companion is captured in the photo. Accidental?

 We were in the Banaue Ethnic Village in the highlands of the Cordilleras. I hope you remember the pyramidal huts in the midst of the forest, being used now as accommodation lodgings for lowland tourists. The above structure is a makeshift stove at the edge of the area, where water is boiled so visitors will have supplemental hot water for bathing. I was taking its photo when the waterman hurriedly got into the scene, showing his fast action. Accidental?

I hope you can identify the two objects above. These are old hibiscus flowers that fell on the timber. However, they were in a very unusual position as if they are holding hands! I don't think someone meddled with them as we were in an area far from the madding crowd. It might be incidental or serendipity, but i just put it here. Accidental?

The "hole-in-the-wall" is a much used word or phrase to depict a small, unpretentious, out of the way place. But this one is a real 'hole-in-the-wall', even with a whole on top. I don't know what the room is used for, but this is an abandoned room in Batanes. Accidental?

While in planes, if still available, i take the window seat. Their routes are normally above the clouds, taking island photos are difficult. However, I was able to shoot these group. These are uninhabited islands and might not yet been included in the country's official count of 7,107 islands. They just accidentally appear on some very clear days.

That mint is not supposed to be there, should it? But it gives life to the scene of otherwise purely rocks and water. Accidental?

Finally, this photo has been with me, hoping Donna will use 'persistence' in one W4W episode. She might not use it, so i placed it here. That area is not supposed to be for them. Those plants could have been from a few seeds accidentally dropped in that cemented structure.There are bits of soil there and papaya's persistence paid off. It thrived and bloomed, and they are also bearing fruits! I always love to see plants growing this way as symbol of perseverance, hope, diligence, hard work! Accidental? 


  1. Hi Andrea, Happy Birthday! I must say I truly enjoyed this Accidental post. It is filled with interesting surprises throughout. I am sure those papaya trees are growing at that spot by accident. Persistence would be when they continue to grow after being chopped down, right?

  2. Growing in a cemented corner is also persistence, being there not supposed to be for them is accidental. LOL. Growing after being chopped down is genetic, and fate!

  3. The hole in the wall photo is wonderful, as a photo, and as a representation of the word. You pictured many accidentals, and I thought this would be a hard one to do pictorially. I knew when I read previously about the islands showing up sometimes and not others, that they would be good for this post. Thanks for joining Happy Birthday as One said!

  4. Andrea - I assumed that papayas need plenty of fertile soil before they started fruiting. Accidental & Amazing.


  5. · Thanks for your visit... I'm so sorry because my English is very bad.
    Well, I'll enjoy your photos.

    · Regards

    CR & LMA

  6. I like that "accidental" accent of mint in that rock and water feature. It makes the setting look natural.

  7. An amazing interpretation of the word 'Accidental', both in words and photos! (This is exactly the type of post that intimidates me :))

    PS: Happy Birthday!

  8. Donna of GWGT - hahaha, I also enjoyed looking for them from my files, as i opened a lot of them searching for possibilities. You certainly always keep us thinking and searching, and that what makes W4W a challenging and engaging meme. Thank you Donna.

    b-a-g -- yes those papayas are certainly very insistent and prolific. thanks for coming here.

    ñoco de Bolo - you don't need to be sorry for your English, as long as we understand each other, but there's no bad word in there! thanks for visiting.

  9. Thanks for everyone who learned from One's comment above that it's my birthday. This post is a birthday present.

    SR - yes, that water feature is lovely, you might have already noticed that i love to shoot waters!

    Christine@the Gardening Blog - I laughed when you said 'these is exactly the type of post that intimidate me'! But why, these are just picked-up from my files, just compilation of whatever comes out! I just put some little naughty comments to substantiate and fill the gap to make them 'accicental'. I am sure you can do better than these. Come on post yours! thanks for the inspiring words.

  10. Happy Birthday Andrea! Great accidental post too:)

  11. Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed your post on accidental. It makes one look around at the world in a different way.

  12. The plants who self-plant are always the most interesting. Why do they not plant themselves in an open, inviting bed? They slide into the cracks and crevices where they are unnoticed until they're big enough to beg to remain.

    You mentioned my banana -- I think you may have seen Strelitzia with its new leaf. Bought small, I wonder if it will ever reach blooming size.

  13. Happy Birthday, Andrea! Your post on the word accidental was amazing. Scenes like yours are so exotic, nothing like that around here. The islands from the air are beautiful, too.

  14. I enjoyed this post. Lots of serendipitous photos. I wouldn't have thought of the hibiscus holding hands. The first thing that popped into my head was that they looked like ovaries. Sorry! :-) Belated Happy Birthday!

  15. Very interesting shots, Andrea! I like the picture with hibiscus flowers and the man carrying water, and the first shot is excellent!

  16. Hi Andrea, now everyone knows its your birthday, and let me wish you a joyful celebration!

    Surprising to know that there are still unaccounted and uninhabited addition to the 7100 islands.

    I remember throwing some papaya seeds and pretty much need no special attention.

    P.S. When I get a chance, I will email you some photo tips.

  17. Hello Andrea, first I want to say how much appreciate your blog. You take beautiful photos and your writing is so wonderfully full of life and an obvious joy. I appreciate seeing your part of the planet through your eyes.

    Second, I want to thank you for stopping by the Dharma Bums and leaving us a comment. We appreciate it immensely. Glad you like our photos too. I've bookmarked your blog and will be stopping by again.

  18. Lovely photos and stories with your mixed tales. Love the Islands especially!

  19. Really enjoyed seeing your plants.

  20. Wonderful accidents all! But, are there truly any accidents? :-)

  21. Melanie - thank you so much for the greetings, your visit is appreciated as well.

    HolleyGarden - sometimes adversity really make us productive, haha, i ran out of materials so just compiled whatever is available. I am glad people appreciate this post too. Thanks for visiting.

    Nell Jean - you are truly right there. and yes that is Strelitzia, i didn't take a 2nd look so i was mistaken. Here they grow so much and multiplies fast as well that they cannot be planted in pots.

    Mark and Gaz - that area is a government building, i wonder who will get the fruits, but i dont eat papaya! Is that unusual?

    Karen - yes, actually those photos are unusual shots and I might not be able to repeat them, they're not only accidental but also special.

    Bom - actually I thought about fallopian tubes, but i don't want to put it there, LOL.

    Tatyana - you are so very kind, I am elated to be told that by a person who is very good photographer. Thank you so much.

  22. Ebie - thanks for visiting, actually there are still a lot not included in the island statistics. BTW, i will wait for you to have time for my photo tips.

    Robin Andrea - it is always lovely to find someone with the same name, am glad i found you. I also browsed on your old posts and photos about you, we also share some things in common, meditation!

    Jeanette - thank you so much for the visit, i hope you can come again.

    Greenearth - I appreciate your visit and your kind words.

    Marie - I guess accident is a word to give people the choice, but i believe there's no need for it! thanks for coming over!


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