Saturday, November 19, 2011

Request for Photo Likes

Hello my Blogging Friends,

I joined one photo in our province's photo contest, to the urging of our Tourism Officer from our town. Our province of Batangas has 34 towns, and my photo represents our town's entry.  However, voting has been up already for two weeks but I saw it just today. I looked at the entries and some already got more than 1000 likes today! I wonder how my photo can compete with that!

So I would like to solicit your help by clicking the link and liking the photo there.

Thank you very much.



  1. I have shared the gorgeous capture on Facebook and getting my family members and relatives to 'Like'. All the best!

  2. I shared it and liked it on Facebook too. It's a wonderful picture! Good luck! :)

  3. Andrea, that image is magical. I like it and I liked it.

  4. Hi Andrea, I clicked your link to support your photo. Thanks for visiting my blog too. Another Bird Blog

  5. Will do, Andrea.Hope you win.

  6. Happy Sunday morning everyone. Thank you very much, this is very much appreciated.

    gardenwalkgardentalk - Donna

  7. I love the photo and I have 'liked' it. Wow, you already have so many supporters on FB. Good Luck!

  8. It is so sad, we thought Liking the photo is already equivalent to votes, but they just posted a new Voting Mechanics today. That's okay, we don't need to vote again. I am very touched by my friends' liking my photo, and i certainly deeply appreciate that. Much thanks to all of you here!

  9. I went there to vote for yours is a great photo! Don't forget that I have a monthly free photo contest on my blog every month too, so you should enter them every month too. This month's theme is cats and/or dogs!

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