Monday, November 28, 2011

Hidden World

Our country is an archipelago, that is composed of many islands. It has already been said and written and cited, etc, etc, that we are composed of about 7,107 islands depending on the tide. Some small ones vanish with very high tides, and reappear when low tide returns. 

The biggest islands are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the 3rd being the largest. Mindanao has the biggest remaining forests, wide and still unexploited rivers plus still fertile soils. It also boasts of many waterfalls to say the least. The Tinago Falls in Iligan City is one of the tallest among them at 240 ft. Tinago in Filipino means 'hidden', maybe because after a long rough circuitous road, it is reached through about 500 steps to the bottom of a deep ravine. At the top edge of the ravine, one can already hear the sounds of the falls with its big volume of water. 
conference room
Most of our Muslim brothers are in Mindanao. We were invited by a university there for a lecture on Intellectual Property Awareness. It is amazing to see beautiful and colorful decorations as part of their culture. Marawi City is about 4 hours by car from Cagayan de Oro airport. Iligan City is halfway in between. 
This river is at the back of our hostel in Marawi City. It is still big and the people traditionally use this water for many domestic uses. The group of people at the left side under a tree are washing clothes.

 close-up of the people washing clothes at the river banks, where they take a bath too
The main Tinago Waterfalls, flows through the river we saw above. Under the main falls is a cave which can be accessed via a raft. 

There are small falls at the other sides of the main falls. The area is rich with lush green vegetation of virgin forest, big trees, and bio diverse ecosystem.
Some wood and cement structures are already added to the area to make visitors more safe and the area more manageable.

Provisions like life vests above, are provided for visitors who are tempted to swim its cold waters. I commend the beautiful colors unlike the usual all bright orange vests. 

The part of cemented stairs on the way to and back from the falls. We had 3 small stops before reaching the top ledge, to take deep breaths, rest the legs, drink some water, and look back at the lush green forest around the falls. 
Our World Tuesday Graphic


  1. Love the river and the waterfall. Looks like you bring your camera with you even for seminars.

  2. Wonderful falls. I miss traveling around the country and haven't been to Mindanao for some time. You are lucky that you get to go on so many trips.

    BTW, you have a typo although it still is technically correct. You put down " >1,700 islands".

  3. Hi There, We are home from our trip. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Oh My Heart... I would give anything to visit your country and see those waterfalls in person... WOW!!!!


  4. Thanks for posting this travelogue. I know more now about the Philippines than I ever have. Love the nature guide and particularly the pictures.

  5. Wow! Love the falls ~ Great photos ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor, USA

  6. You country really has some beautiful areas. The waterfall is really a showpiece.

  7. Love the Tinago Falls in particular - but all the photos look SO GREEN! It's nearly summer downunder in Australia, and where I am, everything's drying out!

    Have a great day!!

  8. Now these are really awesome waterfalls! Great shots - thanks for sharing.

  9. I love that place, wonderful scenery, a very pretty pictures.

  10. Very pretty place and lots of green...

  11. Such beautiful waterfalls! What a beautiful area.

  12. This is one falls I would love to visit someday. Such a beauty. Great captures.

  13. What a bonus! I'd much rather go to a seminar in Marawi than some large urban center. How far from the town is this gorgeous Tinago Waterfalls?

    [Xiamen was a delightful town in the 80s. Today it's a huge city. Those WCs you describe are pretty standard all over Europe too! ;-)]

  14. What gorgeous falls! Looks lovely and sunny!

  15. Tinago is also the name of the district where I come from (Dumaguete City). The falls is one nature stop we don't want to miss!

    I have never traveled to Marawi City, the farthest I have been to is Zamboanga.

  16. you manage to add pleasure to this business trip.

  17. That waterfall is so beautiful, like gossamer silk. Great photos!

  18. Thanks everyone for coming over. I was not able to reply to you soonest as I was blocked from google (both FB and blogger) from 6:30am - 6:30pm. That was exactly 12 hours of chaos for my birthday gift. Now i don't know what that episode means.

    Mark and Gaz - you should see some waterfalls when you come visit.

    One - Of course, a camera is just like a lipstick or a face powder! It's always in the bag.

    Bom - thanks for pointing out that error, appreciate it. I've been to most parts of the country but not to all the towns in my province, not all provinces in my region!

    Betsy - of course you will love it, because it is a waterfalls, haha! Come before they dry up!

    Kathleen Scott - it is also my intention to show the world some lovely crooks and crannies in the country, do my nationalistic share in whatever way I can. Thank you so much for the appreciation.

    Carol of Artmuse Dog - thanks for dropping by, please come again.

    J Bar - thanks.

  19. Donna - yes we have beautiful areas, much more under the seas!

    Red Nomad Oz - we also suffer almost near what you mentioned during our dry season. I hope you know we dont have the four seasons, ours is almost like north Queensland.

    Valerie and Leovi - thanks for visiting and your appreciation. I am grateful.

    Lrong and Indie - I am sure you have waterfalls and forests too in your parts of the world especially in Malaysia.

    Jenn - it is worth a planned visit.

    Francisca - anybody who goes there must coordinate with authorities in the area. It is maybe 30 minutes from the main road but am not sure where is the town center. Our companion and guide to the falls is a usual negotiator for Muslim groups, so he is respected by both camps.

  20. Ladyfi - yes it surely is a lovely and well preserved place.

    Ebie - I am sure you make some trips to nature spots when you return and visit. I've not heard of Tinago, Dumaguete but we went to Forest Camp in Valencia where the upper part of the stream is a waterfalls. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to see the falls, we just dropped by from Siquijor. I wish to see your Tinago too.

    Photo Cache - we usually do a little fun otherwise we dont have much budget for a return trip.

    Inger M and Al - I appreciate your visit and kind words. I hope you drop by again.

  21. Bonitas y interesantes fotografias.
    Saludos desde Andalucia

  22. What a delightful spot! The vests are beautifully colourful.

  23. This place is very scenic, unspoilt beauty and I love the waterfall. Looks like a nice adventure.

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