Saturday, October 22, 2011

My night visitors and more

Sometimes at night I get uninvited visitors at the  5th Floor. Being uninvited, they are usually defensive, scared   or uncooperative. They give me a hard time just to take their photos.

This one arrived elegantly dressed in a lovely gown, maybe it thought the party is in my room because of the bright light. Or maybe her partner did not fetch her and she doesn't know the way. Oh my heart goes with her for being lost. I tried to let her find her way outside the window, but in her distress she remained with me through the night. I still found her in my room the following morning, when she finally obeyed my suggestions to move on.

This is a night butterfly because its antennae is not like a comb and it came to me at night. I thought maybe this is the partner of the first photo because they somehow look the same and might be from the same race. Unfortunately, they came to my kingdom at different nights and they did not meet. When i summoned him to follow the lady who went ahead, it did not hesitate to heed my advice. Hopefully they meet somewhere, and  live happily ever after!

My constant visitor at night. I love its color, although the design of its dress looks unconventional, with scattered smudges. The objects are not even given with distinct margins. Look at the stance on the left, it has long front legs to prop it like a biplane. It believes it shares with me the space I am in. Maybe it even thinks I am the squatter in my room. It freely flies when it wants and explore all the areas in my space. It feels so at home already, leaves for sometime and come back even if i still don't miss it. Or it might have been missing me it doesn't want anymore to leave.

The above visitors are lovely to the naked eyes. They have beautiful gowns too, however, i don't know anyone of them. That green entity at the bottom don't show its antennae, so i can't discern if it is a butterfly or a moth. What i know about them is that they are all night party creatures, nocturnal entities.

This soldier arrived in full battle gear, with its armor shield full and very well made. Its shield is thick and difficult to penetrate. It was so fierce and jittery that a slight tap on its back make it show its full pangs. Its arms and legs are always ready for battle. It even produced a unique sound when the armor hits the tiled floor. I was able to put it on its back and it banged so loudly, i almost accepted loss. When i finally can't do anything with him,  I made my last move. I tossed him out of the window!  I hope his shield was able to protect him against the impact. Anyway, i made sure he will land on the branches of a tree.

This animal somehow looks like a mammal complete with a tail and ears, maybe a ruminant, but somehow it has the antenna of an insect. I hope nobody will mistakenly think that this creature is a genetically modified organism or GMO.  This incident happened at daytime.

I placed these peas in a basin. I asked my nephew, Allen, to open each of the pea pods, get the young beans to be mixed with other vegetables in a local stew recipe. When it's time to put the beans in the stew, Allen is nowhere to be found, and this is what I saw on the floor!  I have nobody to reprimand, so i just smiled and did the task myself.

Camera Critters


  1. Haha, what a cute little animal that visited your place!

    I wish I knew more about moths - some of them are so unusual looking! You look like you had some pretty ones visiting!

  2. Maybe its time to install a screen in your 5th floor window to keep insects from coming in, unless you are the reason why they come to visit :)

    I don't mind seeing insects outdoors but when they invade my space, they get greeted by a nasty swat...LOL

  3. Thanks so much for your comment on my Meme-Aholics blog! You mention a number of memes you thought I did not include, but 3 have been there for quite some time!

    Fertilizer Friday at - 2nd last badge on my Friday listing.

    Straight out of the Camera and Camera Critters badges are near one another on my Sunday listing. They have been there since the blog began!

    Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - I did not know this one! It appears to be a monthly event, so the badge will have to appear on my sidebar, not in the posts!

    Word for Wednesday at - There appears to be no badge for this meme, so i will have to create one!

    Thank you so much for your interest in Meme-Aholics!

  4. Great visitors and photos except for the last one. I could do wsithout those beetles.

  5. ha ha! those peas are funny. I'm going to be honest, I really don't like moths. However, hearing your description of them dressed in a gown is very interesting and I can see the beauty in that.

  6. Indie - I actually don't know their identities. I just photographed them for the visitors' book. thanks for visiting

    SR - yes a screen is necessary but i will not be able to get my plants down there at the aircon ledge if i will put scree. Actually, i asked not to put the rails, mine is the only window without it. I wonder until when will management not see it and the plants. As long as these insects dont bite, it is okay.

    Gemma Wiseman - I am sorry i didn't see all of them there. I failed to know thee are old posts. haha. Thanks also for coming over.

  7. Teresa - actually I am not very much interested even with the moths, unlike for butterflies, but they are critters too, so i must not discriminate. Everyone must be included, haha!

    Wendy - yes, i made them looked more fabulous with my description because I don't have a very special liking for them too. I included the peas to add more fun, I am glad at least I have you to admire it. Thank you Wendy.

  8. I love your visitors, especially the lady in her gown! And how cute the "animal" made by your nephew...I had visitors myself this week as well. All my best....

  9. The moths are so fascinating to me. I found a neat one here too that I'll soon be posting. The moths are as interesting as the butterflies and surely as pretty as you've shown. The animal on the floor sure brought a smile to my face this morning!@

  10. Hi Andrea! You have a zoo in your place! I love the green creature, it looks like a leaf!

  11. What a creative and clever post Andrea! I think your lovely visitors are moths but Randy would better know. I love your description of gowns and the photos are lovely. Looks like you are inspiring others too . . . the peas do look a bit like some animal running. Thank you again for your kind kind support! Hugs, Carol

  12. Neat photos of your night visitors and I LOVE the animal created out of pea pods! :)

  13. Don't you live on the third floor? Poor guy, I bet he bounced. The moths are rather pretty, but no fun having them in the house.

  14. Lovely moths. I prefer them to the cockroaches.

  15. Interesting night visitors! They are fascinating to see up close like this..

  16. I used to be scared of moths. Now, I am learning to like them.

  17. Wow you have a lot and different kinds of moth!

    Your nephew is very creative! Salamat sa dalaw!

  18. I couldn't't sleep if I knew there was a critter flying about in my bedroom. I've only heard of moths not night butterflies before. They sure have pretty gowns.

  19. That stew sounded great. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. We're up in a state known as Colorado this week and internet has been sparse. Hope you are well. I love the night moths....the green one especially. Excellent post.

  20. Andrea,

    These all look like moths to me. You might have a butterfly at lights once in a while, but not very often.


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