Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Repose: Another attempt

Donna of Garden Walk Garden Talk host the meme Word for Wednesday. Repose is the word this time. The first word, Illumination has inspired me no end and One of Tropical Nature Photos joked that I "previously thought Illumination was impossible to post, but clearly it has become impossible to stop". Exactly, that's what happened now, I can't seem to stop posting photos. 

What comes to mind at once is someone actively in meditation. Then someone in sleep, then a totally tranquil and idyllic landscape devoid of any disturbance. Or it must be a zen-like space with  total harmony of objects in space and time. So i will start with the obvious to the sublime.

 My friend in complete surrender while we were in Hagonoy Island,  Surigao del Sur, in Mindanao

My naughty nephew and his pet Pusa. Pusa is the Pilipino term for cat. What a creative name for his pet!

Our pregnant cat regaining lost sleep in looking for her maternity box, and then we found it was false alarm. Cats are said to be sleeping from 16-20 hours per day.

A copper  wall art in my friends house, as wide as one of the walls.

 A lone leaf at the expanse of this Gumasa Beach, Sarangani Province in Mindanao. It is alone but it doesn't look lonely! 

This is also in Gumasa Beach

Kimberly Hotel, Tagaytay City, Philippines

 Mt Gulugod Baboy, Mabini, Batangas

Borobudur, Java, Indonesia in its centuries of repose!

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia, also with centuries of eternal repose!

Our World Tuesday Graphic


  1. That first spot where your friend is in complete repose would have to be my favorite. He looks most comfortable! The cats are just too cute in repose.

  2. Andrea, I love your representations of repose. We were thinking alike with the cats. I used big cats, but was going to use my pet cats. They did not have a sleeping pose like Pusa. That was a great example like I said in my post, they plop down just about anywhere. Thanks for joining. I be you can come up with a great post for Evolution. I just know it.

  3. I agree with Tina. Love all your shots but the first one is terrific! :) Makes me chuckle. Pusa too.

    What I said was a little different; "You thought 'Illumination' was impossible to post but clearly it has become impossible to stop."

    Notice 'post' and 'stop' consist of the same alphabets?

  4. Wow! These are wonderful shots!! First Illumination and now Repose! I also love to see the different parts of your country. Beautiful!

    The other day I visited you from my other blog "nature rambles" and I forgot to mention the caladiums. Yes, that's what they are...the miniature variety. Andrea, if you come to my part of the world, I'd love to have you stay with me!! That's a promise!

  5. Hi Andrea, I always love your photos --no matter what the theme is. You did post a nice group for 'Repose'....

    I always think about a cat relaxing. Wish we humans could relax as well as a cat can.

    Love looking at a sunrise or sunset --which certainly helps me relax!!!

  6. Tina - thanks for appreciating the first one, i almost delete it when i saw i put lots of photos. I am glad i did not.

    Donna - your Word for Wednesday is certainly good because you make us think a bit, unlike when we just post what we are thinking. You know me, i just spontaneously post at the spur of the moment. Your Words for Wednesday at least let me make a draft!

    One - I love it when i know someone somewhere is with me, and i appreciate your presence. Am sorry for the different thought on posting, actually i know it is different but i don't have the option to open FB, as it is blocked here. I just remember it has some rhyme. Yes, "post and stop", i didn't notice that, i am a bit out of synchrony these days.

    Kanak - wow, what a beautiful assurance. I actually told my friends about it but I still dont have the budget and the companion. But i already have researched on the area, the routes, etc. Thank you Kanak, i hope i will be able to see you "in this lifetime"! And thanks for confirming it is also a caladium, i love it and will look for it here.

    Betsy - thank you very much too for that very generous assurance. And in my case i always associate you with wonderful, vivid photos of autumn, because of a picture you sent me when I just started following your blog. Of course, whenever i am chasing waterfalls, i think of you and George with the same color of outfits lovingly shooting the fall colors!

  7. Wonderful shots. Very nice variety.

  8. Hi there I am visiting your site as another Our World Tuesday participant. What a truly beautiful part of the world you live in, somewhere I would love to explore one day.

  9. These are wonderful photos, all of them.
    I am also glad that you have your blog back, safe and sound.

    Re your question on my blog: yes, that is the same castle as in the header. It is just outside my garden gate. I live in the house on the header.

  10. What temples, architecture, plants, skies ......only the cat looks samey to our rainy country.

  11. Lovely photos, I also love the cute kitty on its back. The kitty looks so relaxed. Wonderful scenery and photos.

  12. I think you have caught the word repose perfectly with the leaf on the sand.

  13. Very lovely and relaxing places you captured with pictures, I would enjoy visiting any of them! You had asked about my tropical vacation, it was Marco Island, off the coast of Florida. Very beautiful and relaxing!

  14. Rajesh - thanks for the visit, your photos are really inspiring.

    LindyLouMacInItaly - yes it really is very wonderful to be seeing wonders in other places, and i really am awed by the old ruins in Rome. I also hope i can again visit other sites in other cities there. thanks for dropping by.

    magiceye - your visit is so much appreciated

    Friko - you are so privileged to have been living near a historical ground, i wonder if there are ghosts. LOL.

    Catherine Howard - our country is in the rainy season too, and many towns are suffering from floods for the first time. I guess coupled with man's destruction this is already the wrath thru climate change.

    eileeninmd - your visit and comment here is really appreciated, thank you, thank you.

    Carolyn - Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. I love it that you prefer that leaf too, it is my personal choice as well.

    Msrobin - travel is always enlightening, relaxing and recharging, and i envy people who travels a lot. My share of travels are just so few. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. I love the cat photos and the one with the grass in front is my favorite!

  16. Lovely, lovely images! My favorites are the lone leaf on the beach and Pusa!!!

  17. I loved each and every one of your photos for this theme of 'repose'. Great choices and so fitting for the topic.

  18. Andrea these are stunning photos of repose..each one conjures up a different picture...hard to pic a favorite...but that leaf on the beach is wonderful!!

  19. Chciałabym się znaleźć teraz tam nad morzem, które uwielbiam. Pozdrawiam

  20. The first shot is my favorite but who can resist a cute kitty???

    Wonderful pictures and that Pusa looks like a ham and a half!

    God bless ya sweetie!!! :o)

  21. Ohhhh, good shots of "repose"! I'll have to join in this meme next time--it's fun to see all the entries!

  22. NH Garden - thanks so much, that photo is really sweet.

    Sage Butterfly - you are the 2nd to like the leaf, but many likes Pusa pose, haha!

    Bernieh - i am missing your posts in your two blogs, are you on vacation?

    Donna - it is your first time here i think, unless it is not. LOL. You are the 3rd to like the leaf. I certainly appreciate your kindness.

    Photo Cache - i know you can relate well to that word 'pusa'. thanks for the visit.

    Giga - although i have difficulties deciphering your comments, i am sure you are kind, so thank you so much. I will still translate what you wrote here later.

    Nezzy - you are one of the very few funniest bloggers i've read, and the few with more than 75 commenters! Isn't that great! So thanks for visiting here, maybe after visiting the rest of your commenters.

    Plant Postings - yes it will be more fun if many of us will join Word for Wednesday by Gardenwalkgardentalk. Be ready for the 19th Oct for evolve. thanks.

  23. I love you images of the sea. Even if the sea is in constant motion I think it brings repose to whoever looks at it, good choice. Christina

  24. I like all your pictures. The ones that call out to me are pusa and the lone leaf on the beach.

  25. Hi Andrea, I thought I had answered you back about the Blogger problem on my Scrabble Dirty French Friday post, but I didn't. I'm sorry!

    So you don't have to go back and find it...this is what I said today:

    My computer IQ is also pretty low. I pretty much only use my google account for Blogger and YouTube. If you change your gmail password, it'll automatically change your blogger password. It shouldn't affect anything else except that. And your blog should automatically be 'there' again. :)

    It might be too late for this advice, but I didn't want you to think I was being rude on purpose by not answering. :)

  26. Hi Andrea, I am a little late, but did not want to miss seeing how you interpreted Donna's theme. You have done a beautiful job! I love the yellow leaf on the white sand, the cat on his back, feet stretched out and the shots of the ancient architecture especially.


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