Thursday, September 8, 2011

Newfound Lilies

I have one crinum lily at home, but I also love those i found in Butuan and in Hagonoy Island, Surigao del Sur. Aside from the basic differences in morphology like size of stem, propensity of leaves, colors and number of flowers in the umbel, the flowering frequency also varies. 

The 3 photos below is at home, the grand crinum lily, with powerfully scented multiple flowers in an umbel. It flowers in succession during the rainy months, but not during the dry season. The stem doesn't look like a big onion like the specimen i found in Bislig.


The following photos, except the last, i found in Hagonoy Island, Bislig, Surigao del Sur. It has white flowers, as manifested by the fully green  leaves and whitish stems. Also the young developing flower is evidently fully white. It lacks the big bulb of other lilies, but the stem's diameter is >6 inches, looking like a big spring onion stem. The nearly ripening fruit is pinkish though. 

Below photos promise a very big flower umbel when fully opened. The fruit is about 1.5 inches in diameter at the middle section.                                                  

The bottom flower is at the Bislig Museum grounds. It has white flowers with pinkish stripes, and the plant is small compared to the above two varieties. Compared to the first crinum i have at home with very strong scent, this last one has very, very faint scent. The flowers are already drooping because we saw it around 3pm after the very hot noon sun. 


I would like to join in a photo sent just minutes ago by ONE of Onenezz. She has lots of photos of maybe the same crinum with lots of dragonflies, but i opted to choose one with the purple stem among the whites. I guess this will produce purple flowers. Thank you very much for this photo. 

She said she hasn't seen the flowers yet, but maybe they are still young to flower, but looking at the size of the plants, flowering is not far away.



  1. Andrea,

    These are like small trees with those thick stems. Never seen anything like it.

  2. Yes Randy, they are really big, looking like small trees, LOL.

  3. This is a grand looking plant. I took some photos of them before and my focus was on the stem just like one of your photos. The other focus was on the dragonflies surrounding this plant. Funny, I didn't notice any flowers. Must go check the plant again which is just across the street.

  4. Gorgeous, and amazing. Wish we had enough rain for that kind of plant.

    Sounds like you had a great adventure with your travel friends. To me, travel is the best learning.

  5. The Flora of the Philippines still never ceases to amaze me. That's a stunning Crinum!

  6. Did you bring home specimens from Bislig? I wish we could see the bloom of the plant with the big fruit.

  7. I was going to say what Randy said. Without something to scale in the image, they look like trees. Palm trees sort of..

  8. Wow! Those plants are really huge! I thought bulbs don't grow that big! I wish I could buy a grand crinum lily in trade shows. :) Great photos too Mam!

  9. I love crinums. I had to move a couple of mine yesterday and was photographing just how HUGE the bulbs are. Not as big as yours though. Wow, they must be the size of basketballs! Cool on the purple stemmed one. Let us know if it does indeed produce a purple flower.

  10. Beautiful plant! Great find Andrea. I like the plant's healthy green leaves and am attracted to its huge flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. One - thanks for sending me your photos, it certainly provided the needed variant. I hope you will be able to time your visit when the purple-stemmed one flowers.

    Kathleen Scott - this crinum becomes dormant during our dry months, maybe coinciding with your winters, when they are dormant too. I hope you get your much prayed for rains.

    Cher - thanks for coming over, i hope you visit again.

    Mark and Gaz - i am actually also amazed by its size, my first time to see that variant too.

    Bom - my specimens are the photos. The seeds are still immature as you see from the photos.

  12. Donna of GWGT- the 2nd variant is really tall, the hut at the back can be the scale. It is maybe around 7ft tall, i have already described the sizes of stems and fruits in the post.

    Kingdom - it can also mean a huge sum!

    Tina - the purple-stemmed is One's photo, she promised to periodically visit it to look for the flower as they are still immature, not flowering yet.

    Stephanie - its size really suits only wide gardens, maybe ours will not be able to host them. My only one plant is already enough for ours.

  13. This is an incredibly lovely lily! If only I lived in a tropical paradise. :)

  14. I've never seen this lily variety before. Are these tropical plants?

  15. I don't grow crinums but one read an article about them that stated they were passed down from generation to generation, they lived so long. I wonder how old these are.

  16. I like your description of giant spring onion. I have seen these crinum lilies at the Putrajaya Botanical Gardens and also the Secret Garden. Yours are gigantic and the flowers lovely.

  17. Hi Andrea - I love those first three photos of your Crinium. Lovely!

  18. Your new found lilies are very interesting, great focal plants in the garden. I love that they have fat stems.

  19. EG Wow - i think this also grows favorably in temperate climes, although they are dormant in winter, but they dig the bulbs to be replanted after the freeze.

    Photo Cache - of course they are tropicals, as i said these are mine and the 2 are found in Mindanao!

    Holley Garden - yes you are right, but maybe these are younger than the cycads which are here with the dinosaurs. haha.

    Autumn Belle - they look good in wide gardens like the Putrajaya, I also saw crinums in landscapes of wide gardens here.

    Christine - thank you for the appreciation, certainly love it.

    SR - you should have some in your farm because the space and tall plants will not restrict their growth.


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