Monday, September 26, 2011

The Vanda sanderiana Show

This is just a part of the previous post, Orchid Show at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, Quezon City. I just separated the Vanda to show you all of them. Vanda (Euanthe) sanderiana, our waling-waling, considered "Queen of Philippine Flowers",  is said to be the acknowledged parents of the now world famous Vanda hybrids. It is endemic to the Philippines but now considered an endangered species.  Cross breeding, e.g. parents to parents, offspring to cousins and to grandparents, and/or intergeneric breeding produced a lot of wonderful colors, sizes and qualities that enthusiasts, scientists and collectors hope to bring home. In these kind of exhibits, you will see labels with lots of Xs (e.g. Mokara from (Arachnis x Ascocentrum x Vanda), showing the plant's parentage, or whose pollen is crossed with whose stigma. These names are very important for breeders to trace their pedigree and choose the important characteristics to incorporate in their future breeding expectations. 

Sometimes, the names get so long to write, and unbelievable to memorize! For us, i hope you will agree, those long scientific names are not very important, we are already happy to see them or photograph them. 

The waling-waling (above and below)

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  1. Gorgeous blooms Andrea! The abundance of Vanda flowers are one of the little things I miss about the Philippines :)

  2. Theses are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures.


  3. Hi. Being a collector's item caused the very high price of the Waling-waling. I still dream of having one...but I guess it will always be a dream since it is already an endangered species. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love orchids and to live where they can grow would be wonderful. Also, to be able to visit the shows would be great too. We have a show at the Botanical gardens every year where I am a member, and I always attend. I am so glad there are many bloggers posting orchids, because the varieties are so abundant. Seeing many I would never see otherwise. Lovely photos of them. To answer the question on vibrancy you asked, it was the morning lighting after a rain that brought out the color. I too was surprised at the bright color. I took some photos later to avoid the shadowing and they were very washed out.

  5. Hi There, I'm back after a few weeks off from blogging. Hope you are doing okay. I have missed all of my blogging friends --but needed that break!

    Those are GORGEOUS... We saw some of them in an inside Conservatory when we visited Biltmore. BUT--you are lucky to see them grow outside. Wow!!!


  6. These are beautiful captures. Wonder what you were complaining about...

  7. so that is the famous waling waling. i've always wondered how it looks.

  8. First I thought Malaysia has a lot of beautiful orchids, and Singapore too. Now I know Philippines orchids are really special - like your national treasure. I agree with you about appreciating the beauty of orchids without the need to really really know the scientific name of each one. Orchids are so mesmerizing, I only live to see the beauty of its blooms. I have trouble even with the groupings, eg. vandas, mokaras, etc...

  9. just gorgeous! I love that plum colored one.

  10. Mark - I am sad that to you Vanda is just a little thing about the Philippines! You might want to think again! haha.

    FlowerLady - I know there are lots of beautiful Vanda hybrids also in Florida, and a lot of Philippine natives now lusciously growing there.

    Cher - thank you for the appreciation and visit.

    Kingdom - your reasons are not really the causes for the high price of Vanda. There's a lot more!

    Donna - I would have been happier if these photos of orchids are as vivid and detailed as those of your pumpkins and peppers! Besides, my shaking left hand urges me to take a tripod, but garden shows don't merit lugging one! I don't like the feeling of being thought of as a pro!

    Betsy - we are glad you are back, you've been away for long. I've been checking your site a few times already, haha. I hope you are very much recharged again! Yes, we are lucky to grow our orchids outside, growing them in conservatories will very much limit us here!

    One - If you often go with Professional Photographers, you will elevate your standards, but your work will always look mediocre! Compare mine with Donna's last post on squash and the differences are glaring! haha!

    Pelageya - thanks for coming over, this is your first time here. Hope you drop by again soon!

    Photo Cache - so it means you are not from Mindanao. BTW, may I know where you came from? thanks.

    Autumn Belle - we have many orchids common to our countries, but we also have endemic species found only here. The basic plants are easy to know, it is the hybrids which might be difficult; e.g. Vancostylis, Vandopsis, Mokara.

    Wendy - Yes i also love that, they are more expensive! Do you know if orchid petals can be eaten too?

  11. Orchids will always be one of my favourite flowers. So many interesting and exotic colours and shapes. It's a pity many of them are endangered. I really loved that dark purple one.

  12. Beautiful blooms and the scent in the air must be wonderful! I am glad to hear your marigolds are doing well for you. They will seed and you can collect them and have them for years to come...

  13. These pictures are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Andrea, These are gorgeous! I like short names. When I see so many x's I get overwhelmed. You are right, though. It is fine to merely enjoy their beauty and not worry about the names.

  15. Andrea, these are stunning! We have a half dozen or so orchids in our living room but none of ours comes even close to these in terms of beauty. The colors are amazing! That blue one took my breath away!

  16. The spots and colors are wonderful!

  17. Hi Andrea...nice post on this the last photo, the Vanda has ribbons; I would like to ask what's its name?

  18. wow, such a great variety of gorgeous blooms. They are so rich and luxurious looking. thanks for making my day.

    I've always loved orchids but never had luck growing them. :(


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