Monday, July 4, 2011

Rainy Season Blessings

Our rainy season started early due to the changes in our world and maybe in our universe. Last year, many fruit trees died, soil cracked and many emotions were affected by the long hot dry months, we now embraced its arrival. Plants and animals welcome it, but plants' reactions seem to be more obvious.

The orchid below, which i posted last year due to the death of most plants in its clump, still was able to produce long spikes from the resistant remains.


 a clump of Amaryllis volunteered in a corner

 squash shoots elongated luxuriantly 

 the first Caladium leaf

 taro (Colocasia esculenta) and Caladium clumps

our cat family enjoying the first grasses

 the stones look happy with their new clothes

 our hedges in full bloom

   tree seedlings, vines, weeds luxuriantly growing amicably not yet showing survival of the fittest

Boston ferns in splendor on a vertical wall amidst duranta and grasses

                                         ...and there's a lot more to come!


  1. It's wonderful to see the plants enjoying the rain and to see the grass return. That hedge of Golden Candles/Pachystachys lutea is beautiful and so is the clump of Amaryllis.

  2. Love the beautiful hedge! Our hedges are all so dull here. The clump of amaryllis in its full splendour is glorious!

  3. Volunteer amaryllis?? Holy cows! That's awesome! BTW, I adore the delicious bokeh you got in a couple of your photos, especially the shrimp plant bokeh. Stunning!

  4. Isn't it amazing what some rain will do to plants/grass/flowers, etc.?????? Rain definitely can be a blessing--especially after a dry spell....

    Beautiful pictures. Love the Amaryllis. And the moss on the stones is awesome.


  5. Its good to see that your garden is bouncing back to life after a long dry spell. Hopefully your place won't get too much rain this year.

    Indeed, the weather pattern has become so erratic lately.

  6. Wow..the weather is indeed so powerful! Such gorgeous blooms..beautful Andrea..and wow..i LOVE the mossy stones..just magical!!

  7. So glad to hear that you've gotten rain and that the plants are thriving from it.

    Love your shrimp plant hedge, it's amazing.


  8. What a great post. I agree with NotSoAngryReadhead--volunteer amaryllis? Incredible, especially up here in cool Seattle. But we have a Conservatory, and I happen to know the name of your great yellow and white plant the third from the bottom. It's a Lollipop Flower, Pachystachys lutea.

    Love your photos. Sigh.

  9. The cymbidium and amaryllis flowers are wonderful! I like those stones also. Yes they have nice clothes :-D

  10. Hello everyone! I've been out for a week and am sorry haven't been picking you on Blotanical, but i try to comment directly on your posts.

    Bernie - yes it's really soothing to us when the rains come. We call that P lutea here as candle flower! but of course it has many names, so I really seldom use common names but SI.

    Aaron - wow you are back to blogging, how are you! They must be pruned often to bring out the healthy shoots and flowers.

    NotSoAngryRedHead - Thanks for appreciating my bokeh, i love them too, even if my lens is f4.0 haha! Yes they are volunteers, if you are near i can give you lots of bulbs, come i will give you! LOL

    Betsy - haha, that rocks are meant to be naughty, but i really like it too. thanks.

  11. SR - yes we hope we dont get too much this year, as many places here now experienced flooding for the first time, as you might have seen on TV. At least we are in the uplands.

    Flower Lady - haha, our shrimp plant is nice, isn't it. Actually i've pruned the other half also that long!

    Kiki - thanks for dropping by again. I love those mossy stones too, yes and enchanting! haha

    Sara Chapman - this is the first time i learned of another common name for the P. lutea as lollipop plant. That's why common names cannot be trusted, as many plants of different scientific names have the same common names. Yeah, i am sure you can only have these amaryllis in the conservatory or phytotron, which we dont have so we cannot raise your cold plants.

    Stephanie - i am glad you like also my stones new clothes, i sew them myself! haha

  12. Ahhh... the garden seems to be enjoying the rains as much as we do. The lush greens make an exemplary pic. Thx for sharing. Its been raining here as well almost continuously :):) Haute couture! Loved the clothes that the stones are sporting!

  13. Shrimp plant for a hedge? It's remarkable. I'm picturing lots of butterflies enjoying them. Love to see the caladiums. Do they grow wild there for you?

  14. Andrea, that is one magnificent hedge, and your naughty stones at least now have clothes.

  15. Andrea, you left a comment on lovethatimage that said you loved lupines and wished they grew in hot and dry places like where you are. I have seen on some blog a photo of a lupine on a desert hillside, so there must be a kind that does well in your climate. And even here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, it is essential that they have good drainage and they can take a lot of sun. Good luck!

  16. Good to see your plants enjoying the rains. Half of my plants are happy. The other half I worry will develop root rot.

  17. oh they're all so happy with the arrival of rain. and the kitties are happy to explore the grounds too.

    you have wonderful amaryllis. we have the pale pink and white not that beautiful vivid red you have.

  18. Przykro mi,ze tyle szkód w ogrodzie ponosicie w czasie suszy,te piękne kwiaty nie zasłużyłyby na śmierć.Pozdrawiam

  19. Evergreen Tree - so i imagine your garden is also blooming now, with haute-couture too! haha

    Meems - i replied in your post. Yes i purposely planted those P. lutea as hedge to cover the sloping ground at the end of the property, near the road. I just prune them often and after the rains it produce lovely blooms, attracting butterflies. And yes those Caladiums are now volunteers as they already spread their tubers.

    Alistair - i can almost hear you chuckle with my newly dressed stones!

    Sara Chapman - thanks for that info about lupines, i will explore that possibility.

    Bom - you have expensive and endangered collections, and i hope they wont develop rots. Maybe you should 'agapan mo' prevent them with fungicides before they show up!

    Photo Cache - you very well know how our dry seasons are, and i am sure you can fully relate with me with the coming rains. Those amaryllis are dark orange, they just seem red in photos.

    Giga - thanks for coming over again. I left my notes on your site.

  20. Oh Andrea, I am so happy that the rains have finally come. You garden looks lush and beautiful. It is raining here as well off and on. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.

  21. Looks like the rain has brought along may nice things. It is very welcomed here too as we are having hazy days. I was so happy when it rained heavily today.


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