Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More neighborhood seascapes


Outdoor Wednesday: Click on the picture below to learn more...


  1. Oh so cool! Helicopter or airplane?

  2. Really great captures of the lovely seascapes, Andrea. Good angles. Where is this place?

  3. fantastic. I especially love the first one!

  4. Great photos - I love that first shot, the color of the rocks is wonderful and your photo of the waves is very nice too.

  5. I love shots of the beach,(any beach!) and yours are wonderful.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Bom - thanks a lot, had a difficult time searching for the watermark you did on my photo! The last photo was taken from a regular PAL plane in the Visayas. All the other photos are in my barangay.

    chubskulit - yes it is!

    Birgitta - thanks for your visit and appreciation.

    Rosie@travel-i-tales - this is in my hometown 3 km from my home. Thanks for the kind words.

    Beth F - your visits are surely appreciated here.

    Caite - yes, that first one is my choice too, it is much nicer in the actual setting.

    Jane - we had rocks rich in iron so our rocks are very colorful, even the stones in the seashore have beautiful colors.

  7. wow, spectacular. great photography skills!

  8. i love the orange-colored rocks! beautiful shots.

  9. Fabulous shots, Andrea! I particularly like the top one and the one taken from the plane. I've been missing the coast and water here, so I hope to get out south one of these coming weekends, now that I am back. Thanks for the warm welcome home.

    [It doesn't offend me that you call me foreigner, but it has occurred to me that I am NOT a foreigner in Canada, although I was not born there and spent less years there than I have in the Philippines. If you spent two decades plus in Canada, you too would not be called a foreigner there. Just a difference.]

  10. Andrea, beautiful photography and scenery. Several don't even look real, especially the first.. almost appears as a painting.

  11. Wow! Beautiful photos of the sea!

  12. wow, this is such a gorgeous lancscape. Love it a lot.

    On my Travel blog You asked me where in Sweden I live. I live in a town called Katrineholm. It is about 2 h drive from Stockholm. But the post was from Jämtland in the northern part of Sweden.


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