Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun-tastic Shadows

Photos from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato and Gumasa, Sarangani, Philippines. It was a 1-week vacation shooting waterfalls, beaches, old houses, people, things, plants, animals, visit to indigenous peoples, and whatever things we fancy.  We had several transportation system too: planes, boats, raft, motorcycles, tricycles, jeepneys, vans, zipline and walk on foot. We woke up early to chase sunrise, went home late sending off sunsets. We played, went swimming, laughed and ate a lot. How wonderful if this is our job, just like our two friends who let us join them while they work. We spend time and money to have fun, they have fun to have money. 

...and these are some of my shadow shots!

my signature shot

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  1. Awesome, superb shadow shots for the day, Andrea! I love them all! Hope your weekend is going well! Look forward to seeing more of your captures!!


  2. I have to echo what Sylvia said in that the shots are superb. I can't decide which one I like best but that one of the boat on the water-so crystal clear and perfect.

  3. Terrific photos Andrea! I especially enjoyed the first in the collection!

    Thanks for the visit. To answer your question, if this greenhouse is like the one I worked at, they overwinter what doesn't sell, with the likely exceptions being annuals and vegetable plants. But those they might sell out of.

  4. What a beautiful place to visit! I love all your shadow shots.

    Have a great week.

  5. Great shadow shots! My favourite would be the second one and the crabs.

    I noted your signature shot! :)

  6. Why didn't you invite me!?! :-D What a fabulous trip, Andrea! A fun-fab series of shadows and reflections. I'll be back to see more of your vacation shots of southern Mindanao.

    [Yes, Guizhou is a bit like Ifugao, although the terraces in Banaue are better. I've been eager to get back there! Do you know what is the best time to go to get the light green rice fields?]

  7. Fantastic shadows indeed! Love them all.

  8. Beautiful photos, Andrea. The crab on the beach is my favorite.

  9. Fabulous shadows you've found in and around the beautiful lake.


    Have a happy Sunday.

  10. Great pics, the water is so clear. It looks like a nice place!

  11. Sylvia - thank you very much. May you have also a happy and productive week ahead.

    Tina - haha thank you too, i also still remember your latest post.

    Shirley - i love the work you do because if i were you, i love gardening and still get paid for it.

    Eden - i hope you visit and comment again sometime.

    One - my profile photo here is actually a shadow shot too, but it's on a cement floor instead of water. Of course you will love the crab because that's the only critter there.

    Francisca - how can you join me in my trips when you are always in some remote country somewhere, i think you don't stay home for at least a month. haha, I am the one who wants to be with you. About timing for Banawe, i will ask first my friends and will tell you later. Thanks.

  12. Mom's Place - thanks for dropping by, hope you visit again.

    Donna of GWGT - I actually also prefer that crab with the long legs shadow.

    Hootin' Anni - we are both fond of stilt walking, thanks for coming.

    Yogi - yes the area is so clean, and the sunsets there are fabulous too. I appreciate your visit.

  13. Great shadow and reflection pictures, Andrea... Shadows are so interesting to look at and study... You chose some great shots. Thanks.

  14. Shadows n Reflection have always fascinated me too. Beautiful pictures n loved the location... Picturesque!

  15. So many beautiful photos, Andrea! The first one has stolen my heart with its peacefulness. But the crabs have, too, because their shapes are so fun. It looks like you enjoyed the perfect vacation!

  16. Sounds like the perfect vacation and your photos are wonderful too!

  17. Looks like you had a lot of fun, and got some great pictures, too!

  18. Those are stunning them especially the water shots

  19. What a beautiful part of the world you've shown us! The water images are gorgeous.

  20. BEautiful shots. Love the crab! :D

  21. Your shadow shots are terrific. What fabulous locations.

  22. Terrific shots! I'm just amazed seeing how the men are balanced on their boats. Going back to take a closer look...

  23. Lovely! I love all the beautiful scenery.

  24. Fantastic series of photos. What a lovly vacation you had. Great shadow shot and I love the crab. Wonderful photos, have a great week!

  25. Beautiful, I long for the warmth which your photos portray.

  26. Hi Andrea. These images are exquisite!! And a stunning location.. lovely to find and follow your blog.


  27. Great the crab especially!

  28. Amazing photos of places I will never see! Thanks for sharing! Happy Monday! ♥

  29. Fabulous photos as always Andrea. I do miss the Philippines, a gorgeous country ;)

  30. This is a place I hope to visit one day. It is so lovely to see for somebody that lives in the northern hemispere. :)

    You are a good photographer. :)

    oh, and thanks for the coment on the acapulco flower.

  31. you whetted my appetite, i know there are more - lots more - fun photos you captured. i shall be waiting :)

  32. Andrea, I can feel your happiness. So nice to be travelling with people who share the same interest. Whenever you do that, I get to enjoy your travels too, hehe.

  33. Betsy - thank you so much, i would like to tell you that you are one of my inspirations in photography!

    Radhika of EGT - I always take shadows and reflections but just was able to use them when I saw the Shadow Shot Sunday meme of Hey Hariet.

    Tatyana - hope you have also a wonderful week ahead.

    Stacy - sometimes being naughty is always captured in my photos, i enjoyed chasing the crab too, so it won't go into the water just yet, haha!

    EG Wow - vacation is lovely but it's lovelier if we are paid while being on vacation, just like my photographer friends are!

    HolleyGarden - yes we laughed a lot, chasing waves, crabs and our breaths!

    Donna - i appreciate your appreciation of my shots, please drop by again.

    Pondside - there are more beautiful parts of the world where it came from, so do visit us again.

    Snap - you mean you only like the crab! :D LOL.

    Bernie - yes shadows and reflections are always in my consciousness whenever i am out. thanks.

    Vee - there are more where it came from, thank you so much. Yes i am amazed how they balance too, as the boats don't have outriggers!

    Shirly - as i said above, there are more where they came from, so come visit me again here! thanks.

  34. Eileeninmd - many love that crab shot, and we also love it while taking the photos, where we also had good laughs.

    Alistair - it looks like you are being so cold there in Europe, come over and you will get more warmth, as we don't have those cold temps you have there.

    Veronica - thanks for following, i hope my future posts will not disappoint you.

    Black eyed Susan's Kitchen - Oh i think you love that crab for the kitchen! Oh no poor crab! LOL, thank you so much for appreciating.

    Lavender Dreamer - yes the place is amazing, the lake is on a mountain and the sea is not much reached by many tourists. We love the places too.

    Mark and Gaz - you should come here more often, if you like i will accompany you to travel around! haha.

    Nature Footstep - if you come and visit i hope to see you too. thanks for saying i am a good photographer, which i know i still have a long way to go before reaching it.

    Photo Cache - appreciation is different if it comes from someone as good as you! thank you very much, yes there are much more, but still to be captured! haha.

    Autumn Belle - I know you will feel that for me, as you are a dear friend. But those are photos from early travels last year, which i thought are just ordinary. Thanks for finding the Shadow Sunday meme, i was able to appreciate these photos at a different ligth. And thank you for always being there with me.

  35. Great photos, Andrea! -Jean

  36. wonderful shots, gives an idea of a perfect holiday. Especially your ripply signature shot!


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