Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Time for Orchids Again

I have not been posting orchid photos for sometime. So i would like to refresh your memory again especially with Philippine orchids. Every single orchid flower is amazing; in form, color, habit, sometimes scent. Most people are amazed with their beauty, but when many flowers are placed together in a lump in space, they are spectacular. If only i can stay in the place longer i will, but i just sneaked in from the office, and i need to be back to work. I am disappointed for not being able to get nice photos, and i blame time for that, hehe, not my inexpertise with photography!

This is the Mid-year orchid show of the Philippine Orchid Society. It is normally 2x a year.
 This is a species of Bulbophyllum. Look at those very long leaves and hairy flowers. The fern hanging on the left is Tillandsia sp.

The exhibit is in a half-dome structure complete with lectures. There are also flower arrangements, garden water falls, bonsai and some landscape structures. The commercial booths are around the exhibit dome.

                                                       Left:  Mokara sp ; Right : Rhenanthera sp.     
 Vanda hybrids

 Left: Dendrobium sp. Right: Oncidium sp.

 Left: Dendrobium sp.; Right: Rhynchostyllis sp.

(More will be coming next post)



  1. Oh no!!! Suffocating from orchid poison! They are so beautiful!!!!

  2. Yes they are really amazing Andrea!! Yup I wish you could stay longer ;-) Pretty colours and so many blooms all in a glance... how wonderful!

  3. Fabulous post..wow..so many rich colors t enjoy... and beauty everywhere! Wonderful!
    thanks for always leavig a kind word for me! Much appreictaion!

  4. Andrea pity you could not have stayed longer. Gorgeous orchids, perhaps you could do a post on how to grow them.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! All of them! can't wait to see more pictures in your next post!

  6. Stunning.It must be fantastic to see this in person.


  7. Dear Andrea

    What a wonderful place to even spend alittle time at. From the photo's you have published I can get a real feel for how big an exhibit it was. Each variety of orchid displayed in such large clusters must have made such an impact on all the visitors.

    I really like seeing red orchids and that Rhenanthera sp. looks interesting and I've never seen it before.

    When you walked past the oncidiums was there a beautiful scent from them? did you notice any other scented ones?

    poor Aaron lol hope he recovers - his comment made me laugh.

  8. What beautiful flowers. I wish you could have stayed longer too!

  9. Woohoo! Wolf whisel from Malaysia!

    The orchids are gorgeous. Wished I was there with you. Maganda ang bulaklak!!!

  10. That bulbophyllum is totally weird! The Tillandsia hanging on it is a bromeliad that we call "Spanish Moss" here in the humid Deep South. It is one of our natives, and if you visit my blog often, you've probably seen it hanging from...well...anything and everything. Indeed, as I look at your photo, I have an irresistible urge to reach up and pluck it right off. Love that vanda! I had a beautiful one that very color in bloom last summer, but no blooms since. I've been very jealous lately of all the posts on flower shows that bloggers are attending. I live in the boonies, where such things are never easy to get to. How lucky that you could sneak away from work for a short while. What a nice break!

  11. In spite of shortage of time, you did a great job Andrea. Very beautiful orchids indeed!

  12. For my dearest friends who come here often, i value and am very grateful for your comments. I keep on posting despite shortage of time just to maintain continuity, so i won't loose you, who already become so special. You must come over again soon as i am saving the best for last!!! hahaha

    Aaron - i laughed out loud (i have to spell it out for more emphasis) with that comment, and just like Rosie of leavesnbloom i was very much amused with that. Watch yourself as there are more coming, hehe. I'm saving the best for last.

    Steph - i have more coming next!

    Kiki - thanks for coming, i think you will not visit if i dont do it first. Haha. you're welcome

    Helen - yes i can do what you are suggesting, but there are lots of them in literatures, besides it entails a lot of work. Even just posting seems difficult for me sometimes. If you have specific problems i am willing to reply if i happen to know them. thanks.

    Kanak - yes i am awed with them too, come more often as more are coming.

    Ruth - yes they are fantastic to see in person. The photos, esp my amateur photos cannot really show their magnificence. I just want to share them with countries which are difficult to grow them.

  13. Rosie, my dear friend - your mentioning about Aaron's was really amusing also, that i had laughed again. Those Rhenanthera are basic genus, they serve as one parent for the Aranthera, which Autumn Belle posted once, another parent being Aranda. So Rhenanthera X Aranda becomes Aranthera. I haven't had the time to smell them nearer because i was so in a hurry, i am sorry. But i thing that one which looks like my previous post here is definitely scented. They have the genes for that.

    Linda - it was really a shame not to have stayed longer. thanks for the visit.

    Autumn Belle - you have practiced a little Pilipino, huh! thanks. My reply is Magandang hapon and Selamat datang. Yes i wish we can go to a garden show at least once, here or there, that will be wonderful and then we will eat a sumptuous dinner after! Hmmm, lovely.

    Floridagirl - yes those Tillandsia can be common features in moist hot climes, just like your later post on swamps. Here they cultivated in gardens also got from the wild. However, i did not have much time to get compositions approaching at least a semblance of your beautiful photos. I almost took the Auto just to be quick, but i didnt, hehe. More are coming next posts.

    Birdy - thanks for the kind words, come here again as i saved the best for last.

  14. Gorgeous! This is definitely a plant we can't grow in the mainland US, other than indoors. I hope you had a chance to go back and enjoy this beautiful show, Andrea.

  15. Oh my word, Andrea. My heart slowed, my breathing paused, my mind surfed in bliss. Thank you.

  16. aloha andrea,

    what a beautiful flower show, its interesting to see the difference in our shows. too bad you couldn't stay longer for this, there's so much to see and capture photography wise.

    my flowers today are on my plantfantatic blog.

  17. Hello Andrea,

    Oh, I just love seeing all of these beautiful orchids. I don't think I would have been able to return to the office.....;-)

    **I wanted to thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my 'Gracie' post. I appreciated it very much.

  18. So many beautiful blooms - I could stand there all day and look at them. How fortunate you are!

  19. wow, what a show! These always make me feel like I should take better care of my plants and really nurture all the blooms.

  20. Rose, Kathleen, Noel, Noelle, Gardening Angel and Wendy - it is inspiring to see your lovely comments. I had my nephew and niece just out of hospital, they are my sisters kids, they suffered from hemorrhagic fever or 'dengue fever'. My nephew, 12 yrs old was put in ICU for 4 days, though his sister who is 14 years old was only in the normal room. It was a terrific ordeal for us, tense and stressed. Thanks God they are out last night and recuperating at home. I also thank my prayer warriours.

  21. What a wonderful collection of orchids put together.
    It would definitely grace anyone home as the blooms lasts for many months.
    The colours are really shocking with excitement.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  22. OMG Andrea... these are some of the most beautiful orchids I have ever seen. We don't get to see so many different kinds n colours here.... What a floral treat. Thx

  23. Wonderful photos! I would love to have been there. Orchids societies the world over give the most stunning shows. Very interesting people seem to grow orchids too. Such an enjoyable post... thank you for taking me there with you! ;>)


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