Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot, Loud and Proud for July '10

Our normal inclination to participate in this meme by Noel Morata is to display colors and shapes. I have done that in the past months. And entrees from everyone are all beautiful, wonderful and awesome. I tried my best to make an entry everytime, no matter how busy things are like.

This time i will try to post those with characteristics in terms of scent and fragrance, as in that case they are all Hot, Loud and Proud. Those who are familiar with their scents, please tell me how they affected you.

Do you notice the graduation of color from white, diminishing at the last and proclaiming the vivid vibrant hue. I would like to believe that the scent is also correlated in that progression.

Kamya, garden lily or Hedychium coronarium

Grand Crinum Lily or Crinum asiaticum (found in Batanes, Philippines)

Crinum lily

Rhynchostyllis gigantea

P.S.: My sincerest gratitude to Bernie of Bernie's Garden for identifying the 2nd photo as Crinum asiaticum. Thank you Bernie.


  1. The lilies are so different from what we see in the States, but they are SO beautiful! I love the bright colors of your orchids as well :-)

  2. Gorgeous lilies, Andrea. The one you didn't know the name of looks like Crinum asiaticum or the Grand Crinum lily ... also known as the Giant Crinum lily.

    Loved your idea of applying the Hot, Loud and Proud idea to the frangrance of these beauties. The orchid is simply beautiful!

  3. The crinums and orchids are so beautiful! The orchid looks so toxic lol.

  4. That lily is so cool! I wish I could help you ID it but have no idea. It is really neat though. We have the crinums here and I just adore them. They are so easy and beautiful. Smell good too yes.

  5. hello Andrea, the lily looks like a crinum don't know its biological name but I think Bernie is spot on. I have growing in my garden. I adore the scented ginger with its unbelievable perfume. That orchid is sensational.

  6. Your butterfly gingers, crinums, and orchids are beautiful! These are some of my favorite plants.

  7. Good choices for this meme! Although I don't have any of these in my garden, I have been looking for some of them for a while now. That orchid is just gorgeous, and I definitely want that Crinum Lily in my garden!

  8. Your flower photographs are very pretty. I especially like the Crinum Lily.

  9. aloha andrea,

    congratulations on your retirement, how exciting to have the time to enjoy your interests now :) i really enjoyed your take of this monthly meme, thanks for sharing and i enjoyed learning that Phalaenopsis gigantea is also a scented wonder, will have to see if its available at our big orchid show coming up this weekend in hilo

  10. Each of these is gorgeous,now if only I could smell them as well.I will have to take your word for it.Thanks for sharing these beauties.

  11. Hello everyone. I am glad that even if i seldom post you still come here and inspire me.

    Noelle - thanks for the visit and appreciation even if you're very busy.

    Bernie - i put my gratitude in the Postscript of this post.

    Aaron - yes the orchid looks "toxic", that is a young generation term, hehe. I love your Nepenthes collection in return.

    Tina - that's okay, Bernie already helped me. thanks for the visit.

    Helen - oh thanks for your visit which was not too often, hehe. I still cannot open your site from this end. I told Autumn Belle to tell you, i wonder why, tried several times, several days, cannot open still.

    Floridagirl - yes we have the same plants, though your climate is much convenient than ours. thanks for visiting.

  12. Ami - hehehe, i can give you some suckers if you just visit.

    Linda - thanks for the kind words for my photos, but i still envy how you do yours.

    Noel - hahaha, i am not retired yet. Photography is just my alibi to make a leave and get out of the office during times of office incoherence. Actually my style of veering away for a different accent from your meme is supposed to be a joke, but also a positive one! Isn't it?

    Ruth - thank you so much Ruth, take care as well.

  13. THe lilies are my target flowers. I don't remember the scent but I remember the cool long leaves and I wonder if the 'fighting' spiders like to build their homes there. Your orchid is definitely loud and hot, with sexy dots on the petals.

  14. Your captures and lily species are amazing. Particularly the grand cringe lily is so gorgeous. Recently I have started gardening again, but it's limited to vegetables only.

  15. Rhynchostyllis gigantea looks stunning Andrea to have growing in the garden. Oh how I would love to be able smell each of the lovely blooms in your post today. Its our orchid festival this weekend so I wonder if there will be anything like that in the marquee - I'm sure if it was there it would be quite expensive.

    Glad you waited for the pages to load on my blog - I've tried to cut down on photos and if I have alot I link to my online gallery - I did this with you in mind. I think my photoblog should be the quickest to load anyday.

  16. Beautiful exotic flowers! My favorite here is the Grand Crinum Lily.

  17. Andrea, I love the look of the blooms rather than their scent. The grand crinum lily is spectacular!

  18. Hi Autumn Belle - i am sorry about the spiders, as our spiders live on the trees and not on lilies, hehe. But these lilies grow really big they need bigger spaces esp when on the ground.

    Birdy - i hope there is no flood in your area.

    Rosie - thank you so much for thinking about me, i am sorry for my impatience too, maybe it is our server in the office which is overloaded or i'm always doing it during heavy traffic. Yes R. gigantea is also expensive here.

    Tatyana - that is also my favorite although i saw it growing in the wild and not in my garden.

    Stephanie - am glad you like them, but if you smell them i think you will change your mind, hehe.

  19. Andrea, your flowers and fotos are all so beautiful but that Crinum asiaticum is exotic! Love it. Simply lovely!


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