Friday, August 6, 2010

My Idyllic Landscape

Instead of showing you the usual flowers and plants, i would like to share with you occasional landscapes from my travels. This time it is Batanes, the northernmost islands of the Philippines, between the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. This is composed of a few islands but only 3 (Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat) are inhabited. It is actually nearer to Taiwan at 190km than the northernmost tip of mainland Luzon, which is 860km. These islands are mostly coral reefs elevated above the water through time and aggravated by volcanic eruptions.

Fresh seafoods are plenty in Batanes, especially lobsters and some species of crabs. It is also famous for stone houses with very thick walls to withstand strong typhoos visiting the islands. The Ivatans (people of Batanes) are real kind and accomodating, and they are known for having zero crime rate. Batanes is reached by SEAir flights from Manila.
The "Marlboro Hills" a grassland for cattle, carabaos, horses and goats
Nakabuang Arch in Sabtang island
Nakabuang Beach in Sabtang Island
Mt Iraya, an active volcano but erupted a century ago
one of the many lovely coves in Sabtang island
Valugan Beach in Batan Island (the main island)

The Dakay House, oldest in Batan island, a UNESCO Heritage, the owner still lives there
Fundacion Pacita, a hotel-museum, owned by the Abad Family. Other buildings are not in photo


  1. Wow Andrea,such a gorgeous post..beautiful photos and wonderful to read!
    Magnificent sceneries!
    Have a happy day!
    PS: you asked me about one of my flowers it was an Iris..but the camera angle was the flower looked creative!

  2. Hi Andrea, Just discovered your interesting blog. I like the description you have up there; photos from vicinity or outward conciousness...tho' I have no clue how it is possible.

  3. Hi Andrea!

    When you get way, you go to the most amazing places! Spectacular views of the mountains and the seaside. Those stone houses are cute! Interesting to learn that the oldest one is still intact!
    Great to have you back!

  4. The stone houses are impressive, especially the last one (hotel/museum). You showed magnificent views of mountains and ocean. I liked the photograph of the arch too. A similar one once stood in Hawaii but an earthquake made the top part of the arch collapse.

  5. That place is absolutely beautiful! :D

  6. I imagine that I have already gone there with you. I want to stay at the Fundacion Pacita hotel. The views are spectacular!

  7. This post is a dream of mine, of a land far, far away, mysterious and enchanting, with gentle people and laughing children. Andrea, you have found my Nirvana. What a magnificent island and thank you for sharing.

  8. Andrea: You just described and showed us a paradise! Plenty of seafood, zero crime rate, and beautiful landscape, that is some place I want to have a long vacation at! Love, love that Fundacion Pacita house beside the sea, so gorgeous!

  9. Oh what a beautiful place.Thanks for sharing your world with me.

  10. Such a lovely and tranquil scenery.

  11. Wonderful pictures!!
    I love the landscape and stone houses.
    Wish I could come and visit.
    Thank you for your visit and comment about our cat El Presidente.
    he sleeps at least for 12 hours.
    -Cheers Gisela.

  12. What an amazing place! thanks for sharing your pictures.

  13. Kiki - thanks for dropping by. I will try to emulate your iris shot.

    One - hehe, i replied via your blog. It is actually more on travels rather than photos of outward consciousness, yes its photos are difficult to capture with our common cameras!

    Kanak - thanks, i am trying to explore some places, am glad you welcome my return.

    Linda - Thanks Linda, it is very different when someone like you appreciates my photos. I am trying to get something like yours.

    Kyna - i think this is your first visit here, thank you and i hope you will pass by here again.

  14. Autumn Belle - i you come and would like to go there, i will accompany you.

    Helen - you gave me a very wonderful description of the place, come over and i will tour you there. Be my guest!

    Ami - yes, even to us it looks like paradise, that if you've been there once, you never stop liking to come back again and again!

    Ruth - please drop by again sometime.

    Aaron - yes splendidly tranquil place.

    Guild-rez - thank you, i am inviting you too to come and visit.

    Teresa - thanks also for the appreciation and visit.

  15. I love the Dakay House and Fundacion Pacita! Wish I could be there to see, explore and discover for myself.

  16. The place still looks stunning. Been wanting to go here for ages. And I kind of envy you 'cause you've already been there. Hehe. Nice photos. :)

  17. It is just so beautiful. I would really like to visit this place!

  18. Not only the scenes are amazing, but you also captured them very professionally. The place is worth to visit. You must have enjoyed your stay there.


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