Friday, October 23, 2009

Biodiversity Garden, so it seems!

(This cannot be opened yesterday, thought a virus had set in, can't even report to blogger! then today it is okay again, dont realize what had happened). Grrrr! holloween greetings?

Early in this lifetime i prefer an organized, orderly, well-arranged garden. In fact i had been dreaming that i was full time in planting a flower garden on my lawn. The reality is i don't have a lawn because i don't have a house. In our house in the province what we have is a mix-up of several ornamentals, flowering or just vegetatively growing. I longed to one of these days re-arrange them in the orderly fashion i had in my dream. In fact, i actually abhor what Nanay did with these plants. It started nicely, then all the pruned parts were replanted in whatever available space there. 'Sayang' sabi ni Nanay! The problem is, every top which she put on the soil will eventually grow! Talk of green thumb, Nanay has all green finger tips! There was even an episode when i had to uproot some tips and throw them away. Nanay will think that some hens could have gotten them out of the soil.

Today, i changed my perspective. Instead of arguing and disliking this garden, which is the only one we have, i'd rather love it, appreciate it and tend what it already is. Now i am calling Nanay's garden as Nanay's Biodiversity Garden. It is in fashion, environment friendly, love for earth, etc. etc. And then the magic came! Here comes a lot of butterflies especially at the start of the rainy season. Everytime i am home, i am in front of it, tending it, loving it and appreciating and photographing the butterflies. I even immitate Nanay's style to make it more biodiverse. I even planted an orange wild Lantana camara coming from my last trip to Bohol. It is very well loved by the butterflies. Nanay is already 79 years old, and i think this is one of her best therapy for staying strong. I am now reaping the fruits of her labor, can view the flowers and the butterflies. We are heirs to this beauty and in the future this will stay.

Maybe i can already conduct a species richness or Biodiversity Index study in this garden. Next time i will do that!
Hypolimnas bolina on Duranta erecta flowers
Ideopsis manillana on Lantana flower
Papilio rumansovia on the left and Ideopsis manillana feeding on dill

I love the colors of young rose leaves! This larva is very artistic!

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  1. Your garden has a lot of colourful flowers. I really love the butterfly pictures. Don't despair over it. It takes some time to reorganise a garden to look neat and tidy if that's what you want. Sometimes, you can grow the plants in containers first as containers are easy to move around.


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