Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flowers and Plants in Turkey

foreign(I will still be editing these plants, am still identifying them)

In the very short time i was in Antalya to attend an international conference, i just did not let my plant encounters unrecorded. Maybe at the innermost fiber of my consciousness, i am a botanist, a horticulturist, a hobbyist, an agriculturist, or just a mere plant enthusiast. April was the beginning of spring and lots of flowers are already in bloom.

Date palms are common sights, in parks like this at the back of Dedeman Antalya Hotel and Convention Center, facing the Mediteranean. They are also seen along roadsides, in small parks and car parks of buildings.
The next photo is the stairway to the Mediteranean, at the back of Antalya Hotel. Friends and pets even had picnics here sometimes. The paths downstairs is lined with lots of plants growing in rock crevices or sometimes intentionally planted by the hotel staff.

The plants above and below are all growing on the calcareous rocks on the cliff to the Mediteranean. I hope i can identify them, but it is very difficult and i don't know the right references for them, yet, but i hope i can.

This is the only one i am sure of, the ivy. At the right is a fern, species unknown.
These are just weeds growing on the wooden pavement and rock crevices.

Lantana camara on the left trying hard to find soil but still vigorously flowering, the yellow Cassia flowers. The flushing shrub on the right i still dont know.

These are already tended plants on the roadsides or on the pots near the hotel's garden. At the right is a while Lantana camara bush.

At the right is an Iris lily, which is just a weed here.

The purple flowers: Wisteria sp.

Wild plums in Ibradi, Antalya


  1. You have many pretty flower pictures here. I especially like the pink flower. It is very beautiful. The white flower in the 2nd last picture looks like plum or cherry blossoms.

  2. Yes Autumn Belle, those are actually white wild plum flowers. However, the pink flower you mentioned is still unknown, as i don't really have much time to research on them. I am so sorry, but thank you for the comments and visit.


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