Monday, September 28, 2009

Missing Karmi's Blog

I have long been in contact with Karmi, since i saw her blog thru Ging's. I never missed her blog since then. However, in the past few months i have not been active with mine. Unfortunately, i cannot open her blogsite's link anymore. After 2 weeks i tried again in another window and found her opening blog that she will be leaving the blog for some more important work to do. Maybe she was busy after her marriage, or she got work assignments which need full attention.

I cannot open the site anymore, so cannot continue reading her last entry of saying goodbye. I missed Karmi, her excellent articles on whatever comes her mind. I found one comment in my last entry which was a few months after the penultimate one. It was very brief and i did not see any indication of her whereabouts.

Maybe i will be able to locate her email address, at the moment i still don't know if that is still possible. Next time i will try.

Hi Karmi, i've been missing your posts. I am sorry i was not able to read your goodbye nor tell you mine. See you next time and take care. Regards to Andres, my namesake!

Fragrant Rosal for you!

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  1. Thank you very much! I hope you are well. Kumusta ang family mo? I've been obsessing about news from the Philippines since typhoon Ondoy struck.

    Yes, I said goodbye to blogging. I have many things on my plate right now. But I do visit friends' blogs from time to time.

    Take care. I will always visit your blog so I hope you keep on writing.



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