Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Better Experiences than Earlier, maybe!

Our last day in San Jose was free, because they decided to welcome the new University President rather than continue the workshop. They aborted the original plan. That was fine with us, so we went looking for places to see. Three hosts were with us. We tried to look for boats to the nearest island but it was so hot at noon and the fare was so high. We just decided to buy our food and have picnic somewhere. Jolibee bucket and softdrinks, we went looking for Bukal. It is a lagoon near the border of Occidental and Oriental Mindoro, near the foot of the mountain. Half an hour later we were already there. It is the Blue Lagoon! The water is really blue maybe because of stones producing the cobalt-blue color. Adjacent to it is a river with murky brown color. The merging color contrast is very visible. A concrete walk is provided to join a wooden footbridge to the other side, letting residents from the barangay beyond.

Dennis cannot resist the cool tempting water. He slid off his clothes and plunged, at least he is half prepared for it.

The spring provided drinking water to the locals near the area. They used small boats in getting water, while small boys use the tall tree as diving platforms. Other boys swim first before going home. We were still there when the earthquake with epicenter at Mindoro Occ happened. Only three of us noticed the quake though.

Butterflies i havent yet seen in other parts of the Philippines were there. I cannot identify them yet. However, i was not lucky to take photos of maybe 5 of them. The 1st I still don't know, but the brown is Vindula erota.
Along the way to Bukal we also witnessed different birds like cattle egrets, sparrows, swallows, and a big night heron flying low near the rice plants. At the lagoon we watched the white collared kingfisher and the oriole. We are lucky Dennis was with us, as he identified them including the scientific names and some facts about them.

We left the place at 4 pm, contented that we did not endure the hot sun to the nearby islands. This Blue Lagoon settled our soul for now!

A parasitic tree engulfed the about to die host!... Rice fields on both sides along the way.

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  1. Excellent nature photos...lalo na si Adan na naglulublob sa blue lagoon. Hehehe.


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