Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Bohol Scenes

Panggangan Island is connected to the Bohol mainland via a reclaimed bridge. I felt sorry for the marine animals trapped at both sides, the concrete bridge stopped the continuous flow of genetic stocks through once was an open channel. However, along the bridge were vigorous growths of mangrove forests providing sanctuary and multiplication areas for these marine organisms. One side was declared a sanctuary protected area. The picture below was a walkway done by Peoples' Organization as a viewdeck and shelter for the sanctuary guards. These are the members who take turns in safeguarding the area. This walkway extends to the sea by more than 200 meters (picture below). They also converted it as an educational tourism area mostly for children from different schools who come here by batches. Donations from visitors also provided for the expenses of the caretakers.
Some Japanese high school students also come here annually for their practical ecotourism classes, which has been continuing for the last 4 years. Through this function the Japanese government also provided some funds for the maintenance of the sanctuary. A PO artistic member made a boat with glass bottom for viewing the marine organisms at closer range. I particularly was excited to see planted giant clams through the glass-bottom boat.

newly planted mangrove seedlings in the sanctuary

Small fishes (left photo) and sargassum (right photo) clearly visible from the platform

Market scenes in Tubigon public market

Bohol longanisa looks enticingly delicious
Kulasisi for sale

Above shows the old Dauis church and the monastery, which houses the famous Cafe Lawis and Handumanan crafts. Locals say the renovation of the area is managed by the Zobels.

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