Friday, December 19, 2008

Scenes for Karmi

Karmi is such a wonderful lady, very expressive in her articles, honest with her feelings, kind in sharing her thoughts and views. To pursue her dreams she traveled places and is deposited in Chile to make a life with the man she loves. I knew her through her blogs and i like them from then on. It will be her wedding this month, and i wish her all the best. More power to you Karmi.
I live on the fourth floor and the sunsets sometimes tell me it really is nice to be at home. Even on the rooftop of our office the sunsets are also good but communication towers from other buildings hinder the view. In my lobby i also see fireworks even from far places. I really love living on the fourth floor. (best viewed large, pls click to enlarge)

Quezon City sunsets

Fireworks at the Quezon City Memorial Circle

Tuguegarao sunset


  1. Thank you Andrea for mentioning me here. It makes me very happy. My wedding is not this month, it will be in autumn in Chile (April). We havent registered the date yet because they won't let us. The city office said two months before the wedding (such a horrible woman at the desk).

    These are lovely sunsets, by the way. You're right, sunsets are like a lovely gesture greeting you home.

  2. Merry Christmas Andrea! I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you again for this post.

  3. You are welcome Karmi. I just mentioned you to Ging but she hasn't replied yet. It seems she has not been opening the web now because busy reviving everything.

  4. Hi Andrea! I agree about Karmi. She writes such engaging and thought-proving posts that makes me reflect at times.

    Oh, and I love your beautiful sunsets. I wish we also have that...but all the views we get are the rooftops of our neighbors and some of their second floor windows, lol. But it's a nice neighborhood, friendly and quiet (except for the occasional karaoke singing, which is fun).

    Anyway, thanks so much for dropping by at my site. Take care!

  5. Hello, thanks Dee and Karmi. I am glad to find new friends here, just like in flickr i found some very good friends too. Dee, i was inspired when you said you changed template often, so i tried mine. At least it is now almost like Karmi's, wider space. I enjoy your site very much too. It also reinforces being human.


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