Monday, January 9, 2017

Search for Some Waterfalls

We had a free half day in  Guinobatan, Albay  after our arrival at noon. The next day will be our meeting discussion, the reason we are there. Before our arrival our host actually already texted me what i would like to do on that free time. So I expressed my intention to visit a waterfalls if there is one nearby. After lunch we took at least 45 minutes by car to reach the town of Jovellar, and another 20 min walk to the waterfalls at Barangay Quitinday. 

This is what they call Jovellar Underground River and Quitinday Falls. There is a bamboo stairs to the falls and a bamboo raft  brings passengers through the underground river for at least another 30 minutes to another small waterfalls inside. The entrance of the cave is at the left side of the photo. A 200 pesos fee is collected going through the underground river. We just content ourselves photographing the landscape, didn't go through the river. 

These local residents are the raft guides, and they sometimes jump to the river from the top of the ridge.

an enlarged view of the entrance to the underground river

This is the downstream of the river, where the locals jump and dive. The water is brownish because of the constant daily rains for the last few days.  They say this river might be 20 ft deep. During dry seasons the water is colored green and people swim in these pools.

On the way back parallel to the river we again approached a clearing downstream to see this waterfalls. This is above the Quitinday Falls.

Quitinday Falls, now has bigger volume of water because of constant rains the days before. 

This is the hole where waters from the falls pour in. It is a hole which seems very deep.

At the most downstream of the river where we will leave off to the main highway, there is again a small waterfalls behind those two wall pillars. It can be reached by foot through the relatively shallow waters, but we didn't opt to do that. A few pictures for us will pacify the need.

On top of this falls is the main bridge where we took for home. But before leaving i again took some shots of the falls just above it. The cement side of the bridge served as my tripod to get a somehow slow shutter for a milky-milky photo. The falls will look taller if i am not on top, but i don't want to be wet for a better one. Besides, we are pressed for time to be back before dinner.  I am already delighted with the sights and landscapes we've seen, and the waterfalls pacified my curiosity to find one. This will ensure me a sound sleep.


  1. Hello, what a beautiful place. I love the waterfalls and the pretty greenery. The underground river is cool. Wonderful collection of photos. Enjoy your day, happy Tuesday

  2. Gorgeous photos of dynamic waterfalls ~ Beautiful! ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ahead ~ ^_^

  3. Marvelous photos of a beautiful place. The underground rver raft tour would be great to experience. The Raft Guides have the right idea to keep cool. I'm sure the water would be lovely & refreshing. I posted somea Waterfall photos too but not as good as these ones you have.

  4. Awesome photos of a beautiful place. I can almost here the sound of water on boulders falling.

  5. What an amazing series of waterfalls. It all looks so lovely and tropical! It makes me feel warmer as we wait for the forecast snow to fall!

  6. wow, I could easily spend a week on that place. What a wonder you found :) Lovely.

  7. These are beautiful water fall photos Andrea. It looks like some magical secret place... looks like it was worth the car ride... Michelle

  8. What a fantastic place! I love all your different shots.

  9. Wow! There are various kind of waterfalls there. I enjoyed to look at them. Wishing you have wonderful days.

  10. Oh fantastic -- love every one of the falls (so different from each other) and the bamboo stairs and the guides. Shivers run up my back thinking about those kids jumping in, but I'm sure they've grown up knowing how to do it). Beautiful post. I have to scroll around to see if I can figure out where you are though.


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