Monday, January 16, 2017

More Waterfalls!

I have been obsessed to visit some waterfalls again. Then i reviewed some of my older files and i found one i visited last year. I am wondering why i haven't blogged about it. I was with a few friends and we use a private car. It took us about 3 hrs to reach Nagcarlan, Laguna. Actually, there are lots of falls in Laguna. I lived there for a long time since the university where i studied is located there. Then i worked for a few years there, and also continued to graduate schools. Priorities did not allow me to visit waterfalls before, but i have some available leave credits now, so i can take a few days off whenever i want to. Then the waterfalls will be in the line-up.

So, in Brgy. Bunga, Nagcarlan, taking the same name is the Bunga Falls. Bunga is the Tagalog term for betel nuts, a palm. It is a twin falls as divided by a big boulder at the top of the ridge.

 At about 15 meter high, boys can jump from the ridge. The boulder serve as their diving board, to a catch basin below of about 10 meters deep.  You can see the 2 boys already at the boulder, and another 2 following them. It could probably be not as scary if a friend jumps with you!

 Above is the entire area, with the shallower waters serving as the swimming site. There are makeshift tables and thatched roof cottages, where tourists can take their food. No stores are in these area, but at the parking lot on top of the ridge. Cemented steps take visitors from the parking area down to the pool area above.

 Downstream are cascades of water where we practiced slow shutters handheld. Such futile exercise, you might say, but anyway we enjoyed it.

 This is the downstream waters from the falls. Just be careful in stepping on the rocks as you might slip to the risk of breaking your camera and lenses.

 The other interesting site to visit in Nagcarlan town proper is the Underground Cemetery. Above is the historical church site, housing the underground cemetery below it. Around the church yard can be seen the tombs lining the walls, as seen above. They are almost 3 or 4 layers.

Inside the Nagcarlan Church

The Nagcarlan Church and Underground Cemetery is a national historical landmark and museum. It was build in 1845, supervised by a Franciscan priest, Fr Vicente Velloc, as a public burial site. The underground crypt exclusively buried the Spanish friars, prominent citizens in the town and members of the Elite Catholic families. It is said to be the only underground cemetery in the country. (Source: Wikipedia).

a portion of the Underground Cemetery

Behind the church are small passageways downstairs to a somewhat dim area where the Underground Cemetery is located. It could be a practice by the Spaniards to bury the church people or the elite
people those times under the church, just like under the St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, where the popes' tombs are located.

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  1. Hello, the waterfalls are beautiful. Nice place to swim. I love the pretty church! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. would love to jump in that pond. Love the image below it too,

  3. The crypts are fascinating and beautiful in their own way.

  4. Natural beauty and history, a great combination. But that rock is too high for me to jump off!

  5. I love waterfalls, so, I am happy you were able to share this photos!

  6. You can never have too many waterfall shots! What a lovely tour of the cemetery. Great photos.

  7. The waterfalls are so beautiful! I would love to swim in them!

  8. I could just throw myself into that water...the waterfall photos are great Andrea...Michelle

  9. What an extraordinary church and cemetery, Andrea - and I love those falls and the movement you have captured. A far cry from our grey skies at present!


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