Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sunset in Auckland

Since January this year (2015) I have been posting my travel photos to Australia and New Zealand. Some commenters who didn't read the previous posts, and those who do not know where i live thought i am from those countries. I am sorry about that, but i am from the Philippines, only toured a few places once-in-a while, when time, budget and circumstances permit.

I would like to join Skywatch Friday again using my travel photos, so here they are. To still be in the continuation of my New Zealand photos, i am posting those near where i lived. I have limited sunsets shots and none at all for sunrise in Auckland. 

These are taken only in one afternoon, outside my sister's house. It was like a documentation of the changing hues, they are all SOOC, not even cropping was done.


  1. Lovely pictures. It is funny to think that as those sunsets were happening in New Zealand, the sun was rising here in Scotland! We have been having some beautiful sunsets here in Scotland these last few days.

  2. Beautiful sunset pictures, Andrea.

  3. Beautiful colors ans skies, very nice photos


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