Friday, October 16, 2015

A Day in Waiheke Island

One Sunday after a few days of my arrival as a tourist in New Zealand, we ventured to visit Waiheke Island, a famous tourist island 17.7 km from Auckland. It is the most accessible island in that gulf with regular ferries coming to and from Auckland. It is also considered the 3rd most populated island in New Zealand next to the North and South Islands, with population of 93 people per square kilometer. There's a lot of activities we can do there, circle the island, visit the vineyards and winetasting, do swimming at Palm Beach, the museum, a lot of trekking paths, etc.

We purchased an online early bookings to cover more grounds, but we haven't decided yet the activities to do the whole day when we get there. I know one sure thing for myself, i will take a lot of photos. We decided when we got there, at least we got a pass for the Get On-get Off bus. We can ride anywhere and stop anywhere to, that was real fun. However, the first thing we did was to follow a trek path, the signs and arrows are so tourist friendly that we ventured into one comfortably.

Note: if you have Hover Application just mouse over the photos to enlarge them for a better view. 

 Auckland and the Sky Tower when we were leaving for Waiheke Island

The roof deck of the boat is full of tourists, the lower deck is full as well. Many change locations from both decks hoping to see better views.

There are a few islands on both sides on the way there. This is just one of them, with a small private yacht going to the island too.

This is the beautiful and colorful vegetation of the island as we are fast approaching. 

 the port at Waiheke Island, Matiatia, always teeming with tourists

 Lugging our backpacks with food, water, and a change of clothes we immediately see this signs. It looks so friendly and helpful, so we chose the middle sign "Coastal Walk with Views". We specifically noticed the particular mention for Kauri, an endemic species that they really want to grow and multiply. It is said that it grows very slowly, so focused maintenance is a must.

This is a bridge we passed through at the early part of our walk. This is to the right facing the island. We don't know what to see along this trek, but it promised "with views". That is good enough for us. Those red flowers are the pohotukawa trees, the NZ Christmas trees endemic to NZ.

 There are low bushes, grasses and then these tall but small trees. It was a bit hot and humid, but being from the hot and tropical climate of the Philippines, these conditions here in Waiheke is much better, colder.

 We saw lots of birds, flowers, different unusual plants and a lot more. But i didn't see any reptile or lizard at all, not even insects. Maybe we were just so engrossed with the unfamiliar plants that we didn't focus on the insects. Oh but yes, we saw a few forest butterflies.


 blooming wild carrots or Queen Anne's Lace

wild carrot buds before blooming

i don't know this

 a very prolific cactus at the beach

 Pohotukawa are found anywhere, because it is a protected endemic species. 

 After coming out of the forest, we walked throught the streets and entered a local museum. These Maori-sculpted posts are part of the museum and planted outside.

 The two beaches at Palm Beach

We would still want to take another leg in the bus to another area, but it is already 4 oçlock in the afternoon. We would like to return home earlier so we can still rest longer that night, my sister still has to work the following day. 

It was a day very well spent. I just noticed my tired feet and legs when already in the boat going back to Auckland. This time i am not looking at the outside islands anymore; i now have time people watching, more specifically tourist watching! 


  1. That was a nice walk that you took

  2. Oh, it is so beautiful. I can't to visit that part of the world one day!

  3. These are wonderful photos. I enjoyed traveling to the island with you :)

  4. Some lovely shots from the land of my birth :-) Thankyou for sharing and I hope you are having a wonderful trip. They are a friendly bunch downundet:-)

  5. The local flora is such a delight to encounter and photograph. It's nice to see your travel photos. It's very nice traveling with you, because I see all the beauty and you're the one with sore feet :)

    1. I like what you said Photo Cache, Maria, but you didn't see the 360 degree wide angle shots of my views. hahaha!

  6. looks like a great trip! thanks for taking me along!

  7. What a beautiful place to visit. The flowers and blossoming trees are gorgeous and I love the beach. Great photos, thanks for taking me along. Have a happy day!

  8. wonderful photos...i like those wooden sculptures outside of the museum!

  9. I was told New Zealand is beautiful and I can see it here on your photo's.

  10. I'm so glad you are enjoying your time in my country :) You can never take too many photos. I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit and look forward to what you thought was photo-worthy!

    1. I still have a lot of topics to post bettyl-NZ. Did you read my paragraphs, i wish you will supply some information that i might have done wrongly. thanks.

  11. I was wondering if someone could identify that yellow flower for you Andrea. My Mother did some traveling and loved New Zealand. It looks like you were having a wonderful time there...Michelle

  12. What a great trip to Waiheke Island. Lots to see and those trees are amazing. I love how you ended at the beach....

  13. What a lovely place! Beautiful landscapes and lovely flowers!


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