Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flood Falls

When i experienced visiting waterfalls in the country, I felt like I am so deprived of so much when a few months passed and no waterfalls is in the plans. Hearing the sounds and roars even before you reach the actual falls is like a musical arrangement, inspiring and exhilarating. Most falls here are a bit difficult to reach. Either we have to ride planes, boats, buses and other local transports to reach the place. Sometimes you even have to walk long distances trekking uphill. Others can be reached taking very deep ravines, and you are lucky if concrete steps are already constructed downwards on the very steep slopes. Sometimes, our companions even had to take the ziplines just to watch the falls on the top view. This last alternative,  however for me is not a means to a waterfalls, because i have the phobia for heights.

But I am easily pacified, if there are several waterfalls running through a body of water, I am already happy in seeing one or two of them. For several months now, I haven't seen any waterfalls yet, because we haven't been out of town. So last weekend, there was a heavy rainfall at home in the province. Despite my unhealthy condition because of intermittent fever due to overfatigue and coughing, carrying an umbrella and a jacket I went to the back of the property and tried to see a waterfall. I called it a Flood Waterfall, because it is small and just appear during heavy rains. It acted as a pacifier for me at that instance. I hope you can relate with me in this experience.
My Flood Falls is maybe just 9ft tall, this is the first time i see this.

 On my way back home, the cemented road is already ankle-deep in water, but i enjoyed walking through it.

This is the outflow from my Flood Falls

I returned to my Flood Falls the following morning when the rain stopped, and a small cave was in its place.


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    1. Hi Cher, thanks, it pacifies a longing soul.

  2. Yes I can understand your feelings perfectly. When our wet season is really heavy here, I can see and hear little waterfalls on the hill opposite my house. It's impossible to get very close because of the overgrown vegetation and steepness of the hill in front of our house, but I'm not complaining. It's a beautiful sight even from a distance.

    1. HI Bernie, this is the first time i was able to witness this falls, actually 'flood falls' is just my own term for it. It will deepen and erode the area as water does that much to loose soils, but at least it made me and some kids nearby happy just watching it. Actually, it was my nephew who told me it was there! I am sure it is more commonly seen in Australia.

  3. Andrea, I really hope that you are feeling much better now, i.e. no more cough or tummy ache. I like you mention about flood falls. I remember we have flood falls in the countryside too where I grew up. I wonder if you see fishes too?

    1. My sincere thanks for your concern AB. My tummy is okay now, the cough infection already gone too, but the allergic cough is still there. It is the next thing to be addressed.

      Actually the word 'flood falls' is just my term for that, i haven't read any term like it. We will not see fishes here because we are in the uplands without rivers. These bodies of water are just there during rainy season.

    2. Actually I am aware and I like your phrase "flood falls".

      Sometimes cough can turn into "100 days cough" for me. I hope you quickly recover from this. My family doctor says ginger in honey drink is good to relieve cough symptoms and no cold drinks! It seems banana and milk can cause phlegm. My grandma would tell me not to eat meat from a male chicken! Sometimes when my cough get prolonged, I'll take Ba Zhen or 8 Treasures Soup, a premix bought from the Chinese medicine shop. Eg, of link here:

  4. Andrea I hope this trip helped you feel exciting to see a waterfall and all that rain and you can enjoy it...the cave left is interesting as the water washed away the soil...feel better soon!


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