Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still in Strasbourg

We attended a one week seminar on Patents jointly organized by the European Patent Office, European Patent Academy and held at the Institut Europeen Entreprise et Propriete Intellectuelle, Strasbourg, France. Our venue is also at the building of the International Space University, a university for astronauts. We are free to see the surrounding areas only after the session, which was at 4:30pm. We always hurry to board the train from school to the center of Strasbourg, and walk hurriedly to cover more grounds. We took the cruise to see wider areas in a short time, but it was already dusk and taking pictures of landscapes and buildings was already difficult. 

 I am at the hotel when i took the above photo, showing the Louis Pasteur University at the background (the round building). 

Monoprix is at the center of the 3 buildings. I've read somewhere that "when French is not your first language, every visit to a French supermarket is like walking into a three-dimensional visual dictionary"! I am glad we did not have to enter it, we just tried buying some small items at the Galleries de Lafayette, to bring home as presents.

 I love seeing blooming plants on sidewalk fences at the center of Strasbourg, however, i don't know the ID of this plant.

 This is the famous revolving bridge. Pedestrians about to cross the bridge have to wait for the bridge to be put back in place, while a boat is still passing under it, and tourists like us watched the scene in total amazement and amusement!

The photoabove shows the tourists on the boat passing under the bridge's location, while the pedestrians above them on the pavement wait for the bridge for them to go the other side. I love the idea of the revolving bridge!

A fountain is prominently located, where most of the cruises pass by.


  1. Thanks for the visit to Strasbourg - a city I've yet to visit.
    Warm wishes to you, Andrea...
    never time enough these days to visit your blog as much as I'd like to;-]

  2. Nice to have a little sightseeing included in work travel. I hoped you photographed everything :)

  3. Aha, you are in Strasbourg! It is a beautiful place. I've been wondering where were you missing in action. My best wishes for an enjoyable time there and safe journey home. ^-^

    1. hahaha, these are old photos, and i just posted these because it is in the draft. I still cannot use my PC, which is still with the IT staff. My laptop is also not doing well. I can only comment in FB via wifi of celfone.

  4. That's where you are!!!! Good for you:) Love pics and trip today. Hope you're enjoying the cooler temps and having some fun. Revolving bridges sound like fun. All my best! And be safe! Kreesh:)

  5. I was wondering where you were but glad to see you having a wonderful time...what a lovely visit!!

  6. Wow! Sosyal! Enjoy Strasbourg!

  7. We were there a few years ago. If you have time, take a road trip and visit Haute Koensinsberg. We had the best meal at the foot of the mountain.

  8. I just love your travels to all these wonderful places. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

  9. ooh, that is so cool! I love that revolving bridge and the scene with the flowers overhanging the rail is just gorgeous.

  10. Lovely shots of this beautiful city, Andrea.

  11. It's nice to read about and look at your photos of Strasbourg.


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