Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dramatic Beach Stones

For some reasons, my intention of posting these rocks and beach stones was always put to the background. Flowers and plants always move forward. But who can compete with very colorful flowers, or butterflies? Then when i put these stones as my screensaver, i started to realize they are like flowers too, they are very colorful. At that instant, I decided i will be posting these too and share to each one of you.  Can you blame me? Will you agree?

These are series of random shots i took at different dates but on the same stretch of our beach. I love to just walk and watch some marine organisms found in this beach. A little difficulty in walking here is neutralized by the diversity of organisms, and of course the beauty of the multi-colored stones!

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  1. I don't know Andrea, rocks and stones are very cool and can compete in their own way. Nice shots!

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Those are wonderful pictures. DH and I both love rocks.

    Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us.


  3. They are lovely Andrea! I love such natural materials :)

  4. I agree, stone-gazing has its pleasure!

    And yes, your greetngs are always welcome, Andrea; they can never be "late"! :-)

  5. Surely stuff that I like to photograph too. Nice pictures!!

  6. This reminds me of the field trips that our elementary school teacher used to bring us to.

  7. Andrea, You're walks must be so lovely! These images would make great screen savers and I'm glad you shared them! Much more interesting than our sandy beaches!

  8. Andrea, I really think our posts relate.....I agree with you in that the color variations in the rock etc are really unique. Even the beaches have a unique feel to them. I really like the shot of the larger rock in the water with the two smaller rocks in the forefront:) It's fun to be stoned:)

  9. What great pictures these stones make, Andrea. I love collecting interesting stones and have a collection of them in my garden.

  10. I enjoyed your post! I have been a rock lover and collector since childhood. The colors and shapes are fascinating. I occasionally slip photos of rocks into my own posts and could easily do so more often!

  11. stones and rocks are fabulous subjects, they are also exteremely photogenic. i like them a lot, although i don't often go to the beach. the ones we have here in this side of california have cold waters, even in the summertime.

  12. That's really really pretty. Love all those red tones.

  13. Stones are beautiful. Your shots reflect the different lighting and show the different terrain (rocks, sand with rocks, big rocks, smaller ones). I like them!

  14. Although all the photos were for stones and rocks, each one was unique. Lovely arrangements, and I do agree with you that they do not hold a second place to flowers. Nature's art has something very everyone if we take time to look.

  15. I have been collecting Sea Stones for
    quite sometime.. the best were from
    Lake Superior. The colors were blue
    and reds and just amazing.. Love your
    photos. Thanks for your visit to my
    blog and your sweet comments.

  16. I have collected rocks my whole life and really appreciate seeing colorful rocks along the beach. Each job I do, I take a colorful stone home for my garden. It reminds me of the people and the property it came from. If postage would not be so much, it would be fun to have a rock exchange from all over the world. Would that not be cool?

  17. Andrea I love the colors and different stones here. I began collecting rocks as a child and love to add to the collection now. The stones around the pond are a great source of beauty and I love adding to them as well.

  18. Often I collect stones, pebbles and rocks and arrange them in my garden.
    And they add depth into my garden.

    Thanks for the suggestion on adding to another lot - basically the place I'n staying is tightly packed where one house is side by side with the same wall.
    And so - there is no surrounding land or area to consider - unless I buy another property elsewhere with bigger space and garden.
    But money is a big question and so I guess - I have to be contented with what I have now.

    I had accidentally posted the pictures before writing in my posting.
    Do check my orchid story and find the time to enjoy reading them.

  19. Great series.
    Stones are so fascinating.
    I love collecting stones.


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