Monday, February 15, 2010

Green Succulents, Green Flowers

Maybe you are already associating me with flowers, bright colors and such, so here is some detour.  For a change i am posting succulents. I found these during my travel to Ooty, India. This place is on a mountain reached by circuitous roads via Chennai. Temperatures are already cooler and vegetation is already subtropical.  On both sides of the mountains are well cropped tea gardens, and only a few other trees are found other than tea. Flowers are also of the subtropical types.

I will be presenting the two succulents here and please identify them for me, if you dont mind. Nobody knows the common name or scientific name among the people around me that time. I know many among you are familiar with these wonderful green ornamentals, so kindly help me. Kanak of  Terra Farmer, Radhika of   Ever Green Tree, or maybe Stephanie of Steph's Green Space, i need your help here. Thank you very much.

Both look like Sempervivum species if taken singly without the stems. But Sempervivums do not have long stems like these two, as i googled them.  

Post Script:

Thanks to Rosie of Leaves n Bloom for the genus of this plants, Aeonium, and leading me to a lot of them. In fact i saw the lots of colors of the genus including the black, as well as the blooming one with wonderful yellow flowers (Here).

For more greens and follow-up of their green plantings please visit Pam Digging. She also has some succulents there.


  1. So beautiful..they look like green flowrs..foliage-flowers! I love succulents..they are just so unique!
    Lovely post!

  2. Andrea,
    Was very interested to read about your efforts growing succulents. Have had some limited success in using them in green wall installations. Your plants look so lush and healthy.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Well, you don't need to know the names to tell that they are beautiful :^)

  4. Wow, this succulents is really beautiful and it looks like a green rose. I don't grow much succulent but this post has inspired me to try them. Ah yes! Now I remember that Evelyn Howard of Sensational Succulents blog has lots of gorgeous succulents. Perhaps she can help you too. Her link is as follows:

  5. They are beautiful and so lovely and green.

  6. Andrea, sorry, I can't identify them for you. The 2nd one looks like something we call hen and chicks, but usually they don't hace a woody stalk on them. They are gorgeous though. Oh how I would love to see the tea trees. I would like they would smell so good, too.

  7. My gratefullness for the first five commenters here:

    Kiki-yes that is how i looked at them too, green flowers!

    Andria - I am not actually growing succulents, these are from my photo files during my recent trip to Ooty, India. They are subtropical succulents, not the dessert type.

    Noelle-yes they are so beautiful without the names, but knowing them will allow use easier memory, lol.

    Autumn Belle-my generous blogger-friend, TYVM for the link to succulents, and for pointing out my negligence.

    Melanie-thanks for your kind words and appreciation.

  8. Hi Andrea! I love succulents. You showed some great ones. I love their long stems!

  9. Rosie (Leaves n Bloom)February 17, 2010 at 12:07 AM

    I think they could be part of the Aeonium succulent family

    Here is a link Andrea

  10. Very pretty succulents. I love the last photo. It looks so perfectly shaped!

  11. I love these types of rossette plants. Another thing is the joy of planting challenging plants and see them thriving successfully.

    They are truly very pretty & exotic looking.

  12. Aeoniums are so gorgeous. How I wish I could grow them in the ground in Austin. Thanks for participating in Foliage Follow-Up!

  13. Thankyou so much Andrea for the post script. I love those plants especially the black one - we can only grow them outside here in the UK during the warmer months.

  14. My thanks also goes to:

    Beckie - yes the mountains with tea plants as their covers are overwhelming, awesome!

    Tatyana, Amy, James, Pam - much thanks for your visit and generous words.

    Rosie, once again thanks for introducing me to the Aeoniums, they are really lovely and i had fun studying the literatures after your lead.

  15. Hello Andrea! It is so good to see beautiful plants along the way isn't it? Sub-tropical plants are fascinating. We can see some of those plants here either in the highlands here or special gardens with sophiscated facilities installed. Thank goodness Rosey has given you the answer!

  16. They're Beautiful. Your images changed my mind about succulent plants.

  17. They're indeed beautiful. Thanks for mentioning me but I wouldn't have known. I'm glad I learned something new. I really don't know anything much about succulents. This is a striking plant!

  18. Beautiful green photos, Andrea, but I don't have a clue. What I do know, is that I enjoyed my visit! Thanks for introducing yourself to me. I'll look forward to returning.

  19. Hi Andrea,

    The succulents shots are beautiful and they do look like green flowers. I too have them at home @ my Sis in law n brother had got them for me all the way from Nanital (a Hill station here in North India). Here's the link to a post I did on them...

    I too referred to them as Green flowers as I don't know the name myself. Thx for the link and maybe somebody here would be able to help us, by identifying these gorgeous greens.

  20. Hello Andrea, so nice to meet you also. Thanks for stopping by, and saying hello.

    I do love green flowers, and you have some very nice ones on your blog. The Aeoniums also come in the most stunning black foliage. I am going from memory here but I think that the black variety is called Swartzkoft, or something like that.

    It is a fav of mine also.


  21. Very lovely succlents you show here! I love them! I also grow some in my garden, but not as good looking as yours :) Found your garden through somebody else' blog, really love your blog. Very beautiful pictures and gorgeous flowers! I have added yours into my bloglist so that I won't miss your new posting. Welcome to visit my garden ( anytime.

  22. I love succulents! I can't grow them outside, but I have two on my windowsill in the house :D A jade plant and a 'burro's tail' plant. Awesome post!


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