Monday, February 8, 2010

Garden Show in the Tropics

I am happy that a few souls are already looking at my blogs. My blog started only as a venue for my everyday grumblings, musings, complains, once-in-a-while experiences, hopes, dreams, adventures...and sometimes about other consciousness. In jest, it was just a record of thoughts and events.

When i stumbled on the group about gardening, i was enthused to post more and often, especially when some newfound friends helped me untiringly along the way. That was Autumn Belle of My Nice Garden, who painstakingly taught me things to do, even put my links in her site way before Jodi of Blooming Writer sprouted the idea of Blog Adoption. Moreover, i took time really to comment on most blogs, not necessarily for them to know me but i was really fascinated by their posts and photos. Plants from other climes inspired me especially because most of my favorites are temperate plants. I am the horticulturist whose knowledge has been shelved in the convolutions of my brain to accomodate more timely concerns. Horticulture includes not only ornamental plants but fruits, vegetables, industrial crops, but these blogging inspired the ornamental sector in my brain. Those years of learning just come out handy in times of need. I realized i miss the ornamental group most of all.

So, i will be posting some landscapes in garden shows from my photo files.  This is also to inform everyone around the world that there are two distinct Garden Shows in Manila every year. Other places have annual garden shows also, but the most famous is the University of the Philippines Los Banos weekly garden show every October. In these activities awards are also given not only to distinct ornamental cultivars but also to the best landscape designs. Best and recent hybrids are on display, as well as some endemic botanicals for the collectors and as potential parent materials. Lectures are also conducted by distinguished authorities, for example 'Embryo culture of orchids', New commercial varieties', 'Pest and disease control in ornamental nursery', to name a few.
You can certainly identify the plants included here: a few-marigolds along the walk, colors of Hydrangeas middle, petunias between the rocks right side, different hanging plants on the trellis.
Here: L-R: White Phalaenopsis, ground orchids bottom left, Aerides orchids on the right, few Paphiopedillums and endemics on the basin, endemic botanicals hanging on the tree at right. Accents on Aerides plants are mostly Schefflera and Dieffenbachia, and more.
L:R: Mostly Phalaenopsis of different colors on left, White and yellow Dendrobium on right plus yellow ground orchids, plus fern accents
At left top are Epidendrum with orange Cattleya in front, middle are Rhenanthera species, while those on right are mostly Dendrobium species.
Now, you are familiar with most of these, expanded also below. There are also Cycas at the back and different ferns.

Note: Can you see the cut photo of a pet on the mid-right? I am sorry to have cut it, just see it now!

Here: how many plants can you identify? If you can name half you are not just masterish gardener but a doctorish gardener, haha! Are you curious of the snakey vines embrasing the tree?

Oh this is easy!

Another easy identification. I can give prizes for the highest number of identified species. lol

I noticed that it might already be very heavy for this post, i still have some few landscapes but the site is already complaining. Maybe a Part II is needed for convenience. Happy viewing, Blogger Friends! Take your time and take care!

If your visit here will coincide with these garden shows, i will personally guide your Garden Tour. I can also be your personal photographer.


  1. I do love garden shows. Today I'd like to just feast my eyes on all the gorgeous plants and flowers in your photos, not thinking about their names. Seeing your recent posts and pictures is like waiting for you to open a treasure chest of lovely jewels. Andrea, thank you once again for your kind mention of me. I am happy for you.

  2. The first arrangement is the best! Those pots on the trellis look so cute. The colour combination is beautiful. The rest are lovely too. They are so creatively arranged. Btw, looks like you get to visit garden and orchid shows quite often. How nice!

  3. Andrea WOW! What a treat for me. I have to take my time and go through your blog. It has sooo many beautiful photos and very interesting posts. I love to see the shows in your part of the world. We recently had one here by the BHS (Barbados Horticultural Society) and I didn't bother to go since every year it gets worst with fewer and fewer exhibitors.

  4. Amazing! I love these photos. They make me feel like booking a flight to Manila for the next garden show.
    Those orchids are gorgeous! Were they put up by private nurseries or by orchid breeders?

  5. What beautiful photos. I enjoy garden shows very much. What is that snaky vine - kind of weird looking. I can't wait until you post more pictures.

  6. Rosie (Leaves n Bloom)February 9, 2010 at 2:43 AM

    Hi Andrea I really like the pots on the trees - I've saw something similar a few years ago at Essen in Germany at one of the huge trade shows. Comfortable shoes needed when you go to flower shows. Loads of my favourite tropicals in your photos. Can't wait to see part 2 - have you any close ups of that snake vine? I think thats fabulous - very very jungly.

  7. How lovely! Don't you feel like you've had a vacation when you walk out of a gorgeous garden show? I believe that beauty rests the brain.

  8. Well, well, well, thank you very much again for your kind words and inspiring questions.

    Autumn Belle, this blogging actually felt like opening a treasure chest, because i found use for the photos getting 'cobwebs' in my files. I enjoy very much the feeling that i was able to please someone with, otherwise very boring photos.

    Stephanie, as i mentioned, these photos have long been in my files. These are last year though. Sometimes, i only see posters of shows when they are finished.

    Helen of islandgal246, i also love your posts as we have almost the same climate and plants. Besides, i envy your own wide garden, which i also would love to do, given time and money, which i dont have. How i wish we are just near for visits.

    Hi Sunita, the displays are put up by private nurseries, and sometimes one display is put up by groups of people cooperatively to give a beautiful show. Sometimes the group ask some breeders for their bloom to be displayed. These also serve as information for the new breed.

    Hi Noelle and Rosie, that vine is actually just an old dried vine placed as an accent. Yes that alone was able to convey the jungly effect! They were able to get your attention too. And yes, i always use a comfy shoes because it really takes hours to finish, especially because i wait for people to leave before taking photos.

    Kathleen, thanks. Definitely you are right. Beautiful flowers and landscapes clear the clogged mind, and reinforce the feeling of being human, strengthens our sense of well-being. And everybody seems to be nice to everybody, it radiates a sence of peacefulness.

    So come everyone, let's visit garden shows more often. And dont forget you will receive newly manufactured OXYGEN direct from the factory!

  9. Im admiring all the bromeliad as they look so aged and beautiful.

    Also all the hanging pots - they look so intricate and well managed.

    I wonder what happen to this garden after 3 months - do they overgrown & some mature and die or remain sustained like this for a very long time.

    There are garden shows in Malaysia but most of the plants & flowers last only a week before most of them fade and die.

  10. I enjoyed looking at your pretty photos of the garden show. I like the containers on the trees, too.
    Also, thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog about my photo. :)

  11. Absolutely breathtaking views! Would love to see more!!

  12. You have a wonderful blog Andrea and you always keep it fun for visitors. You do a great job of bringing in visitors by visiting other blogs and that is key for new bloggers but many don't understand this.

    I am so shocked to see the lovely hydrangea. For some reason it does not seem to me to be a tropical plant but sure looks happy! What is the snakey vine?

  13. That is a fabulous display! I was just drooling all over the place. I like the screen and the plants hanging from the tree. Nice touches.
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. I love Garden Shows. They give us such great ideas to incorporate into our own Gardens!

  15. Gratefullness also to James, Amy, Kanak, Tina, Rosey Pollen and Skeeter.

    James, garden shows here are normally there for two weeks, the plants are also maintained by the owners while on exhibit. Flowers dehisce but other plants can easily recover when brought to their nurseries again.

    Tina, thanks for understanding. Actually, not many of my visited blogs continue looking at my posts, hehe. However, a few become followers like you and i am grateful for that. But i also choose blogs which i really enjoy, not only to entice followers. Now i understand the feelings of people whose creativity are appreciated. Those vines are just vines but very artistic, aren't they!

  16. Absolutely fabulous photographs Andrea! What a treat. I'm off now to look at more of your blog. :)

  17. Oh, My goodness, how gorgeous! And youa re so right a wonderful respite form the frigid hoary cold of our winter here in Virginia, USA! we are under blizzard warnings with winds of 5o PH tonight. This bit of paradise warmed me to my inner most being! I will definitely visit often!!! Blessings!Carolyn

  18. looks like a fun show! Even the exhibits with more common plants are displayed creatively. I really like the last photo.

  19. Very beautiful photos. I love to garden and i recognize most plants but if I had to remember the names to garden I wouldn't be allowed. It's like learning dinosuar names to me. That's why there are books and computers, my mind can fill with less complicated facts that are easier to recall. I do admire people that remember all the botanical names. I have trouble remembering people names. Now that's something to worry aboutl.

  20. Andrea, thank you for leaving the comment on my blog so that I could find yours! It is such a joy to see a 'Garden Show in the Tropics'--what a difference from the Garden shows we have in Seattle! Thanks for sharing the little visitor (the kitty cat) in the picture too!


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