Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aerides inflexa/quinquivulnera for Wordless Wednesday!

This is my first time to join you on Wordless Wednesday.
Post Script:

I am sorry for the additional words here, i am exempting this from Wordless Wednesday, as Autumn Belle forced me to put some descriptions. I don't know where to put them, so i'd rather put them here.

Actually, i am not sure if this is inflexa or quinquivulnera. they said A. inflexa is bending while A. quinquivulnera is curving, but i can't discern if my specimen here is curving or bending. i am sorry about that as i cannot get an authority right now. This plant has been with me for a few years, i put it in a Leucocephala (ipil-ipil) tree near other trees to get partial shade. It has just been left there without particular care at all, as it receives watering only during the rainy season (May to Novermber). I told you before that i work in the city which is about 4 hrs from our house in the province. My mother only water them when she doesn't forget, which is very uncommon. Autumn Belle knows i am not particularly attracted to unrully plants, which this plant exemplifies. The internodes and leaves are long and the roots grow anywhere. In fairness, it it has a very pleasant scent, which you will not get tired of even for a long time.

I have 4 species of Aerides earlier, but this one is the most persistent to live, or can withstand our perennial neglect. Friends, i am sorry for these harsh words, i am not criminal just a bit irresponsible. I promise next time i will remind my Mother to water it again more often. I assure you spikes of better cared for plants are definitely longer than that in my photos.

Aerides is endemic to the Philippines found growing in our forests. But i am sure they have already been wandering around the world right now. There are many species and many cultivars within species. They have also been used as parents for breeding, even in intergeneric crosses. 


  1. Hello Andrea! it is always so nice to see blooms that are special. This one is remarkable. I hope the bloom last long for everyone to enjoy longer period of time. Btw, it was ok to see your two times messages :-D Thank you for dropping by! And thanks for the tips on the bugs for my sunflower.

  2. My dear Andrea, is this a rare orchid of the Philippines? I have never seen or heard about it. Even the name is strange to me. You cannot go wordless on this beauty. Now you must talk and explain :P, please, please, please...

  3. It is beautiful! I've never seen an orchid like this before.

  4. This is a beauty and not to be left wordless! I bet she has an awesome scent too....

  5. Oh, these little flowers are really gorgeous. I have found your blog is really beautiful full of various, beautiful, interesting and colorful flowers. I completely enjoyed your garden in one of your previous posts; it looks so beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.

  6. Thank you so much my early visitors! I try to thank everyone who visited during the night when i'm asleep after posting, hehe.

    Steph, Autumn Belle, Tina and Skeeter, my loyal blogfriends, i already put words in there as PS, especially for you. Yes Skeeter, it has a pleasant scent.

    MedaM, thanks for your first visit and i hope you will drop by again.

  7. ..They look so lovely, I have seen it in the Orchid Garden here in Kuala Lumpur. They look so similar.

  8. Hi, Andrea;
    These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the note on my blog. I did as directed and came over to enjoy the tropics, if only on a computer. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

  9. Beautiful pictures, I also find it difficult to remain wordless, even on Wednesday. ~Rebecca

  10. I never quite make it wordless, either. Love the photos.

  11. Andrea,
    Thank you for visiting. Kathy Temean's blog always has good advice for writers and bloggers. I'll come visit your blog soon. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment.

    Your blog is lovely, and what a fascinating post. I look forward to spending more time here and reading more.

  12. Andrea you are such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to orchids - another wonderful bloom I'm learning about and I'm glad Autumn Belle prompted you to write something more about it for us. :)

  13. 看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉.......................................

  14. Hi Andrea, you're not criminal or neglectful. You do what you can. And along the way, you find the plants that work for your life. We're all like that.

    I took master gardener training here in Texas and the first thing they told us the first day of class was that you weren't a real master gardener until you'd killed 100 plants.

  15. It's a very pretty flower! Thanks for sharing more information about it.

  16. It is absolutely beautiful. I do love orchids.

  17. I will send you some gourd seeds if it is okay with your agricultural dept to mail them to you. Let me know and we will take it from there. For your mailing address, you can contact me through Tina’s (In the Garden) Email…

  18. Oh how lovely your thoughts and feelings are, my new blogger friends.

    James, Teresa, Rebecca, Lady V dZine, Catherine, Noelle - the comments you're giving me inspires me a lot to post more and enjoy blogging more!

    Kate - i am glad i've introduced some tropical plants to you and you enjoyed them.

    Yousei Hime - you are the first blog i have from Japan and certainly yours is very informative. You're very generous. thanks.

    Rosie - yes Autumn Belle has been instrumental in making my blogging career almost successful. She teaches me how to put things better in my sidebar, links, etc. And we seem like very close friends already because of this.

    Hi Kathleen - you will believe my post and maybe castigate me if you will know i am a horticulturist, studied very loooong years to be one, hahaha!

    Skeeter - thank you very much for the offer. I will certainly inquire about receiving seeds by mail. I am very excited about this!

  19. I bet on Aerides quinquevulnera.
    My orchid collection is at---><----


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