Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Endless Seashore

 W e went to Bgy Sampinit, Bago City, Negros Occidental for official business, to help the owner manage her intellectual properties, e.g. a trademark or patent. We were amazed at the area. Our contact person had a private beach property where she process a traditionally known food, which she labeled as Gourmet Tuyo. Tuyo is dried fish and maybe common only to Filipinos. We said "Tuyo binds all Filipinos everywhere", and that is a fact only we know.

The beach is so wide at low tide, and the sunrise and sunsets are really marvelous. I had to wake up before 5:30 to see the egrets leave the mangroves for their daily food search. At the same time in the afternoon they return to their mangrove sanctuary. It is also wonderful to join some women searching for shells or sandworms for food. They showed me how the sand looks like when what they search for is under it. However, i really failed the test. Whenever i pointed at something, they say it is not the one. Later on when i did it alone i already found them, unfortunately the women already left to see my finds.


  1. These are very lovely photos. Waking up with the roosters in the province is wonderful. I miss that about the Philippines. It's not freezing at 5 in the morning.

  2. These are very fine photos...nature's beauty was captured in time...


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