Friday, March 27, 2009

Coincidences at La Mesa Eco Park

One Saturday Karen and Shawie asked me to go to the La Mesa Eco Park. It is a river plugged or blocked at the lower end to keep water from flowing out. In other words, aborted flow or nature made to stop.

There are unusual corners or nooks i found there not only amuzing but more of unusual. I thought about them as correlations. One exists without the other, and maybe unusual events really happen there! The nooks can only be the fixed omens, which foretell the events to come. Serendipitous? Maybe yes, only to the uninitiated! There is no such thing as coincidence.

Normal flow of water stopped!
Stairway to nowhere! ...and where does this path lead you?
Karen's zipline knotted leaving her hanging for sometime, not without fear of falling into the water, and the harness tightening deeply into her flesh!

Yes it was fun! But are we sure we are fully having these things under our control?!!!

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