Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1st lesson in detachment

Eriel was 8 and Allen was 6 when their Lolo, my father died. This could be their first lesson in detachment. However, Lolo was a stroke patient for more than 4 years before he died, which means he was not able to play much with the two grandchildren. During those 4 yrs he can walk for a few meters with a cane, but he does not talk much and just smiled and say a little to the then still very small kids. I remember Allen hiding the cane from him, and Lolo just said 'lokong bata ito', smiling. We stayed with him for a month in the hospital before he died. We brought the 2 kids only once in the hospital to visit him, because he already has all the tubes. The kids did not cry when he died. They just said they were a bit lonely because Lolo is not sitting whole day in his chair anymore.

When one of the first generation kittens left the house for our cousin, we thought the kids will be fine. However, when cousins already left with the kitten, Eriel cried aloud. She cannot control her emotions anymore that real fresh tears are shed. They have already bonded so much with the kittens that it already is difficult to part with one, even if the mother and the 2 kittens are still left. Imagine, Eriel was already 10 yet she really felt the loss of a loved one, a kitten.

Allen on the other hand, did not cry but he chose the recipient of the kitten. He chose the one who really loves cats and has plenty of food to give, and will have plenty of time to pet the kitten. Wise decision. And he did not seem to be lonely after that.

The new batch. Those in the first batch are also ready to have their own kittens.

How can u not love these.... ....and this, innocent looking baby

the brood of old and new batches ...comfort of Eriel's cap!


  1. Your kids sound very sweet. And your boy, well, he's interesting. I've read the other posts about him before. I'm sure you're a very proud mommy.

  2. Goo kitten photos, especially the one in Eriel's cap...

  3. Kawawa nga yung 2 bata kasi ipinamigay na yung 3 new kittens, before they get terribly bonded with them. Masyado kasi marami e mabilis dumami mga pusa. The mother and one daughter is again ready for motherhood.


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