Monday, January 26, 2009

A Saturday for Tarot Reading

I have heard of Tarot cards, but have not explored what it was, nor knew of someone who does it. Then suddenly i thought of a friend who does Tarot reading for interested friends. She is a lawyer doing consultancy work for the military as a sideline, and Tarot card reading has been a hobby. And suddenly i felt like having a reading.

She obliged in between hectic schedules and last Saturday, we did it in my office table. She specifically wanted that we need to be in my personal area. That was because the office lobby's energies are chaotic and do not blend with mine.

She shuffled the big tarot cards, then gave me instructions, e.g. shuffle them the way i want and think of the big something which induced me to have a reading. So i did. I am excited to see for the first time the tarot cards, big and plenty compared to the ordinary playing cards.

Then, she laid down a few of them following her rules. She was smiling after the 3 cards, and smiled even wider after all the suppose-to-be open cards are laid down. "This is the first time i saw such beautiful set of cards", she said. Even my common sense thought that my cards are nice, even before she made the first words. Most of the cards have reinforcement, just like if there is the 2 cups, another one is 10 cups. One is 2 swords and another is 4 swords. An 8 pentacles is reinforced by 10 pentacles. The other 2 are still good looking. No deaths, no hanging, no, enemies, etc. Then she made her readings of the cards, and reinforced them with the exact reading from the references.

I am glad my exploratory tarot reading turned out positive, really related to my dilemma, and inspired me more. My lawyer-friend also sighed a thank you because it relieved her also that the cards turned out beautifully. She said she is also a bit affected if the cards turned out problematic, negative or ominous. We left happy, and amazed at how the cards turned out to reflect my thinking during these times, at the crossroads.


  1. Good for you. Do you know how often one can get a reading? Maybe there's a rule. I'm just curious.

  2. Hi Karmi malapit na ang April. musta na. I really am not sure how often can one get a reading. I will ask my friend. Maybe the frequency depends on the questions also, if it is like "will i be able to buy my special cake for my birthday", then that is a yearly reading! hehe.

  3. I bought a set of cards sometime ago. I love the water color pictures of nature in my cards. They are really beautiful.


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