Friday, January 9, 2009

Allen's New Pets

Pusa has her first generation of kittens which are now ready to have their own. They are Muningning and Maripusa. Even now that Pusa already has her 2nd set of kittens, the 2 older ones still breastfeed on her. What an amazing Mother!

When the 3 new ones are born, Pusa got the older 2 and put them near the newborns. However, the older ones dont like to stay in her delivery bed. They ran away. They only breastfeed when Pusa is out in the open.

If a newborn kitten has 3 colors, called tortoiseshell, older males or even the mother kills it. It is said to rule over every cat in the neighborhood if allowed to grow. We don't see 3-colored male cats. Pusa is female tortoiseshell so able to mature. Fortunately, her 3 new ones are free of tortoiseshell. They are now transferred twice and now near the kitchen, maybe ready for eating foods other than her milk.

It will be a big problem again for the people in the house to clean the kittens' mess in the mornings, while they still don't know the house rules. By the way, Muningning is an old soul cat. She thinks wisely. She pees at the hole in the sink or the drain in the bathroom. Have you seen such cultured cat even without training! An old soul...can you say more.
This is Allen always fond of the outdoors.
Pusa before getting pregnant the first time
Pusa, Muningning and Maripusa

The 2nd set of kittens, unnamed yet, newly opened eyes

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