Friday, January 9, 2009

More Unusual Finds

I have not seen fighting spiders when i was a kid. Now i am redeeming my right to play with them. Allen is always looking for small spiders and keep them in matchboxes. I asked him to show me how the winning spider covers the loosing one with its saliva 'sapot' and how it sucks the others juices. It takes hours before the lost spider shriveled dehydrated, its juices fully gone. This fighting spiders are amazing to me. Allen showed me all the tricks and explanations.

Because the fighting spiders are so small i asked him if we can try the big ones. We found 2 different colors in the big mango tree. He said these spiders are not known for fighting. The yellow is an ordinary common spider for me, but the red-legged black spider is new. I wonder why i have not seen it in my lifetime till now. Maybe because i have time now to look and observe them.

We struggled to catch them in a long branch, which was really difficult. They always drop through their string of saliva. I wonder if they are afraid of us or of the other spider. When finally we managed to let them stop on the stick, maybe they have been tired because of us, we summon each one to walk and meet the other. We were surprised they both run everytime they meet the other. Allen said spiders like that are called 'bading'. It seems that for kids like Allen men dont run from fights! I have to teach him some lessons after the spider episode. Men have the rights to run!

Notes: the 3rd legs are shorter than the rest
how do we know the sexes of spiders
how do you call that saliva they clung on to make their webs

Red and yellow spiders not willing to fight


  1. Your son does what I also used to do as a kid, collect spiders and make them fight. Now I feel guilty about it. My pet spider managed to kill lots before it finally died.

  2. Hi Karmi, i am not married and i also dont have a son. Allen is my Nephew.

  3. Growing up with cousins who are mostly boys, I also play this game. I believe I'm sort of an expert in catching spiders. But the ones we caught are those with round bodies much like the ones found at home. Your spider will scare the hell out of me as a kid. They're the ones we considered dangerous and with "venom". Though, we don't know for sure if that's true.

    BTW, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words.:-D

  4. Hi gladita,
    Actually i also observed the rounded spiders they play with and for the first time i saw winner spider coating the looser with its saliva and then sip the juices out of it overnight, hehe. Yes this big ones are 'no-nos' to the kids. I am still afraid till now. I just asked Allen to get these big ones and experiment if they will also fight. Big spider is my game, though they are afraid of each other. Maybe they are not really the fighting kinds!

    Thanks for your visit.


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