Thursday, May 22, 2008

I made a slide show!!!

I serendipitously browsed a blog with slide show, did not understand the German language there, but i was able to follow the instructions. Hoooray! I was able to upload the Oceanarium-Avilon Zoo pictures.

Marlowe and I planned a weekened pooling our nephews and nieces, so we can rent a van and we will spend less. However, his kids' parents decided to tag along and we became a big group. Beeing the good cook, he prepared the lunch for two days for all of us. Eriel and Allen Dave are my kids, while Marlowe has 4 from Dad and 2 from Frael. So we are fourteen in the group. After the Oceanarium we stayed the whole afternoon at the Mall of Asia while waiting for the fireworks olympics. The kids and the adults were all very happy. The kids were also able to buy books from Booksale and each one had a good purchase.

Avilon Zoo was also an educational place for all of us. The kids were shouting, laughing, running and asked questions to the guide. The guide had to be patient, imagine having questions like, "kuya, how do you make the hyena laugh?". A lot of questions which sometimes we cannot answer. I think it was the 5 yr old Trina who blurted that question. It was a tiring but wonderful weekend. Marlowe is happy spending for his brood, which includes us, hehe.


  1. Marlowe and Dennis, don't you envy my slide show? Hahaha. I will tell you how, with some piaya and butterscoth.

  2. Meron na rin akong slide show...yeheeeyyy!!!!


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